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magic realism in anime


15 Anime Recommendations for Fans of Magic Realism

best anime beards


15 Most Impressive Beards in Anime

school clubs in anime

Lists, Slice of Life

15 Anime Recommendations About School Club Shenanigans

mutliple couples anime

Lists, Romance

15 Romance Anime Recommendations Featuring Multiple Couples

how to watch the monogatari series in order

Action, Lists, Supernatural

How to Watch the Monogatari Series in Order

anime summer 2017


9 Summer 2017 Anime Series to Watch This Fall

how to watch the fate series


How to Watch The Fate Series in Order

gang anime recommendations


15 Anime Recommendations About Gangsters

otaku romance anime

Comedy, Lists, Romance

15 Romance Anime Recommendations for Otaku Romantic Comedies

anime disabilities


15 Anime Character That Don’t Let Disabilities Disable Them

lazy anime characters


10 Anime Recommendations Where the Main Character is Lazy but Secretly Badass

anime that will put you to sleep


15 Anime Recommendations to Fall Asleep To

new to anime


New to Anime? Start Here

victory for the childhood friend anime

Lists, Romance

16 Anime Recommendations That Feature a Victory for the Childhood Friend

doctor who anime fanart


Anime Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Non-Anime Fandoms

anime about small town life


20 Anime Recommendations About Living the Small Town Life

signs you are watching a fan service anime


10 Signs You Might Be Watching a Fan Service Anime

anime where humanitys survival is threatened


15 Anime Series Where Humanity’s Survival is Threatened

best fist fighting martial arts anime

Action, Lists

Fists of Fury: Top 15 Fast Fist-Fighting Martial Arts Anime Series

how to watch gundam in order

Lists, Mecha

Want to Get Into Gundam? – How to Watch Every Gundam in Order

most convincing anime traps


Top 20 Convincing Trap Characters in Anime

most hated anime characters


Enemies of Humanity – 20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

Ecchi, Lists

15 Fan Service Anime Series That Aren’t Complete Crap

anime about people working


20 Anime Recommendations About Work Life

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