Got fired from your job? Got an F on a test? Got dumped by your someone? There are a lot of reasons to feel down. Sometimes you don’t even need a reason, it just sort of happens. However, while you can stay in bed all day, you mind as well do something while lying there, right? Watch some anime. You never know, it might help.

Maybe you turn on a series and suddenly you find yourself laying there, holding your gut because those deep, satisfying belly laughs really hurt your side. Perhaps you find yourself watching a series that really resonated within you, offering up a much needed solution to your problems. Perhaps the series just gives you that much-needed kick in the butt so that you can lift yourself up by your own bootstraps and go fight another day.

Sometimes we just need a little help to get out of bed. These anime series will help cheer you up when you can’t quite muster it yourself.

Great Teacher Onizuka

great teacher onizuka anime


Great Teacher Onizuka is literally all about an ex-thug-gone-teacher helping kids deal with their problems. While the animation may be showing its age, it is still a fun watch. Not only do you watch this seemingly invincible guy put himself through anything to help these kids, but he keeps the comedy going while doing it through quick little jokes and some of the best facial expressions to ever grace the screen.

You may come out of it wishing you had your own personal Onizuka, but more likely, you realize that if he can fall on a car and not die, you can too. Just kidding! Don’t fall on a car. You will die, but you get what I’m trying to say, right?


anime pervy

Love is a fickle thing. Sometimes you think you want one thing, but what you really want is right there in front of you. That is essentially what Toradora is about. It is about love, but it is also about being you even when everyone else thinks you are something else. Taiga looks like a doll, but has a fiery temper. Ryuuji looks like a thug, but it is as polite, responsible, and clean as they come. While trying to overcome what people have pegged them as and attract the people they have crushes on, they become friends and realize the people they want to love them might not actually be who they actually love. It is a pretty touching and, at times, funny, story that even those who don’t enjoy romance anime will enjoy.

The Flying Witch

the flying witch anime

Although new to Summer 2016, The Flying Witch has proven to be a tiny treasure that is vastly overshadowed by Re:Zero. Watching it has been equated to being wrapped in a big, fluffy blanket on a chilly day, and there could be no more accurate way to describe it. Without a complex plot, in The Flying Witch, you follow the simple and vaguely magical daily activities of a young witch that has moved to a rural farming community to practice her craft. Not only do you meet hardworking normal farm folk, but you meet a small array of magical individuals including demi-gods and other witches.

It is a series that you don’t have to try too hard to like, you just sit back and watch some magic happen.

Non Non Biyori

non non biyori anime

If The Flying Witch is a big fuzzy blanket, then Non Non Biyori is like the essential steaming cup of hot chocolate. Simple, warm, and so calming – that’s hot chocolate and Non Non Biyori. There are no aliens, explosions, drama, or a plot full of complex turns, but there’s magic. No, not literal magic. The kind of magic that lets you sit back after a stressful, anxious, or downright sad day and get transported to a life better than your own. Non Non Biyori follows the daily lives of four girls as they go to school and get into trouble. The situations are believable and the comedy translates well.

Usagi Drop

Daikichi from Usagi Drop

There is a huge lack of anime about parenting out there. Typically, most parents are drama fodder, ending up dead or absent. However, Usagi Drop gives you a heart-warming look at family, even if that family is made up between a man and a child that is technically his aunt. After a bachelor agrees to take in his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, you get to see the pair overcome grief and all the hurdles and sacrifices that come with adjusting to life with a small child. It’s hard, but it is rewarding. If nothing else, it will show you how to savor the small moments.

Just don’t read the manga. Things get weird. Not Kodomo no Jikan or Boku No Pico weird, but pretty bad.


haganai anime

If a harem and some fan service is not your shtick, Haganai can be nothing short of grating. However, if you are a fan who can look past that and the insane antics of an increasingly strange cast of characters, there is a nice little show in there about people who weren’t born quite right. It is about people who can’t make friends for one reason or another, but yet they persevere through the loneliness and keep at it.

Ghost Stories

ghost stories anime

^ A legitimate line in the dub.

The enjoyment of this anime is strictly limited to watching only the dub. At some point, someone wondered how to make a relatively sub-standard anime more likable to foreign audiences, and the Ghost Stories dub is the result. Ghost Stories is about, well, ghost stories, or rather a group of kids sealing a bunch of ghosts that were let loose around their school. However, they ended up turning it into a comedy by not taking the show quite so serious.

It’s hard to explain, but the dub is a show that will have you rolling around with laughter if you let it. It also helps that you can really hear the voice actors having fun with it, and that is something that doesn’t shine through in many series.

It is easier to understand if you just watch it for a spell.


nichijou anime

Nichijou is simple in every possible way, from animation to story. It follows the daily lives of three high school girls. Throughout its run, it blends simple slice of life stories that are accented with something innately strange, like the principal suplexing a deer or getting bitten by a talking crow. It is the simplicity combined with the big dash of unpredictability that makes Nichijou so much fun to watch.

Let’s be completely candid for a second, though. If you are feeling sad, the opening song is enough cheer you up all on its own.

Silver Spoon

silver spoon anime

You know how you would never want to play a game about farming like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but then you play it and it becomes your whole life for awhile? Silver Spoon is like that. You really don’t see yourself liking an anime about farming, but then you start and you can’t stop laughing and suddenly feel like you are ready for whatever hard work the world throws at you. Aside from being charmed by the bright, vibrant setting and quirky cast of characters, Silver Spoon will also give you a brief, but accurate glimpse into where your food comes from too.

Welcome to the NHK

welcome to the nhk anime

Welcome to the NHK is a tricky recommendation. The anime is actually about depression and is rather black in its comedy about it. For some, it gives them hope. For others, it makes things worse. It is all about how you look at it, I suppose. However, for those that have issues with anxiety, I highly recommend it. It may give you a new outlook on how to deal with it through a character so relatable it is like looking at yourself in a mirror.

B Gata H Kei

b gata h kei anime

The anime community really has a stick up its rear end about fan service and too many perverted situations in an anime, but you can’t really fault a series for it when pervert situations are its entire plot, right? If perverted situations make you laugh, this is the series to watch. It is about a girl that wants to sleep with 100 guys in high school, but first has to lose her virginity. While the premise sounds super slutty, B Gata H Kei actually turns into a rather sweet love story, but not without some laughs along the way.


barakamon anime

Now you know where this picture comes from.

The premise of Barakamon alone will not win anyone over. In fact, it sounds downright boring. It is about a calligraphy artist that moves to a rural town in order to get his artistic inspiration back and get endlessly pestered by kids. There is no love triangle, no giant mechs, and, from the beginning to the end, nothing much changes at all. However, it is one of those perfect slice of life anime series that you turn on when you want to relax and have a few laughs. It is one of those series that you watch when you forget that regular life can sometimes be enough of a story.

Did we miss one of your favorite anime series that always cheers you up and puts you right? Don’t keep it a secret. Share it with the world in the comments section below.