We have all had those moments where we are watching an anime and we stop and be like “you can’t possibly wield that weapon effectively!” Yes, anime is the realm of fiction and often times the plots themselves throw the idea of suspension of disbelief that you need for non-anime films right out the window in the first few minutes. However, there is just something about weapons being too damn large that can pull you out of it. Sometimes large = badass, but not always.

Gutts’ Dragonslayer from Berserk

gutts dragonslayer

As our favorite overly large anime weapon, let’s just get the Dragonslayer out of the way first. Gutts has always used a larger sword than most people. This was actually explained away by him using proper adult swords while training as a young child, so he was used to fighting with a bigger blade. However, as his blades grow bigger and wider, they reach a zenith with the Dragonslayer. Too big for your typical man, and basically just a dull slab of iron, Gutts uses it for everything from slaying demon horses to shielding his body from explosions. And he does it one-handed, too.

Vash’s Angel Arm from Trigun

vash angel arm

Although the Angel Arm gun is literally attached to his arm, that doesn’t mean it would work very well. If he didn’t become top heavy from having it on, the blast from it probably should have blown that gun right out of its socket.

Of course, Vash isn’t the only one in Trigun with a gun that is too damn large, Wolfwood and his Cross Gun are guilty of this as well.

Seras Victoria’s Harkonnen II from Hellsing Ultimate

harkonnen ii seras

The police and military have some pretty big and powerful guns, and most everyone has trouble wielding them. However, the Harkonnen is bigger and more powerful. Of course, Seras can handle it due to her vampire status, but she still has to lay prone to fire it accurately at maximum distance. Her guns get even bigger still with the Harkonnen II

Sango’s Hiraikotsu from Inuyasha

sango hiraikotsu

Sango is a real badass, but there is no way she could toss this giant boomerang around. She uses it for a shield and to slay demons, but it would be hard to make this baby fly, even if it is made from (presumably) lighter demon bone.

There are a few other guilty culprits in Inuyasha, like the titular character himself and his Tessaiga. His half-demon status makes it more acceptable, but that sword gets pretty large. Bankotsu is another one later in the series, although he is augmented by the sacred jewel. However, the real problem is he used that sword when he was still human, and even then it took three other people to carry it after he was killed.

Almost Every Character from Bleach


If you like big weapons, then ho boy! Bleach is flush with them. Several of the forms of Ichigo’s sword are somewhat ridiculously large, but the biggest culprit is Ikkaku’s obscenely large Bankai that consists of multiple large blades.

Sanosuke’s Zanbato from Rurouni Kenshin

zabato sanosuke

For a series that is often so much more steeped in sword-wielding reality, it does threaten to ruin it at several points with Sanosuke’s Zanbato. While it is an effective horse-slayer, this bad boy wouldn’t have been wielded as effortlessly as Sanosuke’s uses it.

Mami’s Derringer from Madoka Magica

mami derringer

I guess when you sell your soul for a wish, you can be a little augmented, but Mami’s Derringer is just pure irony since a Derringer is a small, ladies style gun. Still, for as silly big as it is, there was nothing more badass than her just pounding away enemies with her many flintlocks.

Zabuza’s Kubikiribouchou from Naruto

zabuza Kubikiribouchou

Zabuza pretty much looks so sickly that his giant sword should, you know, just crush him like a soda can. However, since it was passed down through generations of great swordsmen, I guess it is too much of an honor not to use, right? What is most impressive about his blade is the design which is best used to decapitate enemies.

Panther Lily’s Bustermarm from Fairy Tail

panther lily Bustermarm

How the fuck this sword works on any level, I don’t even know. However, I guess as an Edolas Magic Item it can be explained with your obligatory MAAAAGGGIC! Either way, it is not only large, but it doesn’t seem particularly heavy. The major key ability of it is that it can cut through earth with little force, which would make sense if it was heavy, but it doesn’t seem so in Panther Lily’s hands.

Soul’s Witch Hunter from Soul Eater

witch hunter soul

The thing about Soul Eater, especially in regard to Soul and Maka, is that the weapons start off kind of normal sized, then they get their shounen power ups and they get ridiculous. This is the case with Soul’s Witch Hunter form. Once they get their soul resonance down, the scythe goes from normal scythe sized to over the top.

Lavi’s Hammer from D. Gray Man

lavi hammer

To be fair, Lavi’s hammer isn’t always large. Part of his Innocence power is that he can actually increase and decrease the size of it. Most of the time, when it is enlarged he is already in the middle of slamming that bad boy down, so the logistics of this weapon, well, they kind of check out.

Mihawk’s Yoru from One Piece

mihawk yoru

Mihawk’s sword is actually on the more manageable end of overly sized weapons, but it is still pretty bad. Not only is it as long as him, but that hilt is about twice the width of his shoulders. Yes, it looks very cool when he has it slung over his back, but that would be ridiculous to try and fight with effectively.

We feel like we are missing something… Do you know any more anime weapons that are too damn ridiculously overlarge that should have made the list?