The 15 Greatest Anime Achievements, Unlocked

anime achievements

So you consider yourself a real anime fan, do you? You think all the recommendations are crap on Recommend Me Anime and could do so much better, eh? Well, we will see. As an anime fan, you have probably had your low points, like that year you were really into moe, but chances are you have gathered some pretty big achievements. Contrary to what the gaming would will tell you (about how achievements don’t really matter), it is your achievements that make or break you in the anime world.

While they mean literally nothing outside the world of the anime fandom, you will know if you are able to hang with the elitists if you can check off a number of these anime achievements.

In It For The Plot

huge anime plots

You watch anime because the plot is great. Is it your fault that every modern anime is either drawn in moe style or features some glorious abhorrent fan service? No, of course not. However, being the bigger person, you can ignore it, and as far as anyone else knows you avert your eyes to anything even vaguely sexual, analyzing only the dialogue and pacing thereof.

Genre Specific

genre specific

You have a refined palate for anime and have very specific tastes. There is nothing wrong with it either. You like what you like and tend to only stick with one genre. It could be something as broad as enjoying the romance genre to something as oddly specific as romances in a school setting where the female protagonist is shy and her love interest wears glasses. You stick with your genre and to hell with everyone else.


anime nostalgia

You are not the one-and-done sort, you are a nester. When you like an anime, you really like an anime. So much so that if you are into a series, chances are good you will rewatch it at least once a year for a precious nostalgic taste of what made you fall in love with it in the first place.

No Dropper

anime no drop

Once you start an anime series, you are in it for the long haul. It could turn out to be utterly terrible, but something drew you to it initially so you are going to commit. Who knows? The pacing could finally pick up, the plot could begin to make sense, or maybe it was just a serious slow burner and the ending is amazing. Alternatively, it was just terrible, but you didn’t give up. If nothing else, you will now be able to give an honest and well-rounded impression on it.

Quality Only

good anime only

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the No Dropper, you drop anime left and right if it doesn’t have the hook by a particular episode. Chances are if you don’t like it by now, you won’t ever like it. You are only interested in watching good anime, and the slightest sin against your strict anime code will cause you to drop it and never look back.

Classic Elitist

classic elitist

The golden age of anime passed in the 90’s. You will not be swayed by the eye-pleasing animation of modern series. You are about plot and classic style back when everything was carefully drawn by hand. Cowboy Bebop, Fist of the North Star, Dragonball Z, Ghost in the Shell – they will never be topped. Why even watch anime other than these masterpieces? Why even have eyes!?


enduring anime

If you are a No Dropper or just really invested in a series, you have endured some things that are an achievement in and of itself. Like getting through Haruhi’s Endless Eight or being a Glasslip survivor. You have been there. You have seen things. Terrible things. Things lesser anime fans did not survive. Things that there are support groups for.

Converting the Masses

anime converter

You don’t pry open the curtains and see a bunch of normies, you see a bunch of potential anime fans. For you, in all your glorious splendor, possess the ability to convert people into anime fans. By expanding our ranks, you hope that someday r/anime and /a/ will be filled with something else besides trolls.

Binge-Master General

where to legally watch anime

Keeping up with the Joneses is so utterly exhausting. You may not want to keep up with the current episodes of still-running anime, but you sure can binge. For hours. For days. For WEEKS. You sure can binge. After all, anime was meant to be seen like one big movie, right?

Master of Feels

anime tears

Your heart is steel, and anime has never been able to bend its metal. You have endured Clannad, Angel Beats, and even Anohana. Your Lie in April almost got you in the end, but you soldiered on through! You are a master of your own emotions!


anime name drop

You know the finer points of your anime. All it takes it one exclaim or exasperated sigh for you to know that’s Rie Kugimiya voice. You know that Trigger prizes flashy animation over plot in every anime they have ever created. You know to expect a fantastic soundtrack from Susumu Hirasawa, and that any anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe is going to be a fun romp of oddballs with fast-paced action.

And you feel pride in calling someone a filthy casual when they don’t recognize your super obscure name drop.

The Collector

anime colelction

You are one of the few people these days that actually buys physical copies of anime. Even more of an achievement is that you own, or have owned, a physical copy of every anime series you have ever seen. It is the rarest achievement of all.

Going in Blind

blind anime

You don’t let anything influence your choice in anime. PVs? Reviews? Forum posts? A pox on them! You won’t read or watch them until you finish watching the series. You make your own decisions on anime.

Gotta Watch ‘em All

watching anime

Your MyAnimeList says you’ve watched 8,000 anime series and anime has been a staggering 1,758 days of your life. Movies? Music? Other TV? There is no time. Anime is life, anime is love.

Recommend Me Anime

wise anime man

Sure, it is named after this site, but it is a real achievement. You are a recommender. You can take one look at a person’s anime list and instantly curate a list of shows they will enjoy based on it. What’s more, you can tell them why they will like it based on their other favorites. Needless to say, you’re handy to have around on anime forums.

How many of these can you check off? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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    Can you make a post along the lines of, “Anime for those who have seen it all”? I know i haven’t but it takes days of search to find a good anime that i haven’t seen, which sucks, and im going through withdrawal and now ship everyone i see. EVERYONE. NOT EVEN COUSINS ARE SAFE.

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