Although often brushed off as a subset of moe, the cute girls doing cute things sub-genre is not always about moe girls doing cute things. Sure, it mostly is, but not always. Really moe is more of an art style and your can have cute girls doing cute things no matter how they are portrayed artistically. That being said, if you want to watch some nice girls doing things in such a sweet way that it leaves you sticky and pre-diabetic, these anime series are right for you.

nichijou anime


Nichijou really took the trope of cute girls doing cute things and turned it into something masterful. It follows a bunch of school girls through what should be an ordinary school life where random and strange things keep happening, but because they treat these events like they are so normal, it makes for some great comedy. In essence, it channels one of the older cute girls doing cute things shows – Azumanga Daioh – and pulls it off perfectly.

Yuru Yuri anime

Yuru Yuri

This series takes a premise that you will find a lot on this list. Yuru Yuri is the story about a group of middle school girls that make up the Amusement Club. The purpose of this club is solely to entertain its members, which is the perfect premise for this sub-genre. If you are into funny, cute anime screenshots, you will recognize a lot of moments from this anime.

Love Lab anime

Love Lab

This is the story of Natsuo Maki, a girl that is known for her grace and elegance at her school. However, much of that is achieved through practice in private. One day, she decides to practice her kissing technique in private and is walked in on by Riko, the wild child of the school. Instead of exposing her, together they establish a Love Lab where they can work on techniques related to all things amorous.

While this sounds like the perfect set up for a yuri anime, sadly this is not that. However, it is still pretty adorable and, as you would imagine, hilarious.

Is the Order a Rabbit anime

Is the Order a Rabbit?

This anime is essentially Working!! but with a cafe that is pretty much all women. It tells the story of all the various and adorable young waitresses as they work and explore their town. It has a lot of stereotypical character tropes, but it does know how to use it for the best effect.

Aria anime


Although set on colonized and water-ized Mars, this series is still plenty cute despite its sci-fi bent. It follows the story of Akari Mizunashi who works as a gondola-paddling tour guide. You follow her as she interacts with other (cute) tour guides, visitors, and the city itself.

Hidamari Sketch anime

Hidamari Sketch

Hidamari Sketch follows Yuno who has dreamed of going away to art school, but after being accepted is scared of moving away. Thankfully for her, she meets a series of eccentrics in her new apartment complex that are all drawn together through the bond of being art students. Artists are weird, everyone knows that, so get ready for characters.

lucky star anime

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is easily one of the more well-known cute girls doing cute things anime. However, it is also the spark the set off the powder keg against moe anime when it was dominating the new seasons. That aside, it is quintessential cute girls doing cute things, it just occasionally deals with pop culture topics alongside very random ones. Lucky Star is so cute that even the male characters in it are cute-ified.


Azumanga Daioh

For the longest while, this was considered to be the pioneer of this sub-genre, but that turned out not to be true. However, that doesn’t change that if you enjoy girls doing random and occasionally completely insane things, then Azumanga Diaoh is a must-watch. While it is getting older, the humor inside is classic and that, in essence, is the real beauty of a lot of these shows.

Ichigo Mashimaro anime

Ichigo Mashimaro

This is one of those shows that can be summed up by the sub-genre itself. It is cute girls doing cute things in its purest form. You follow two sisters and their friends as they just… live. However, it does it successfully enough to still be beloved after multiple seasons. Usually only one season is enough before people lose interest.

gourmet girl grafitti anime

Gourmet Girl Graffiti

This is cute girls eating cute food in orgasmic ways. Like Food Wars, but less competitive, but still pretty informative on the food side of things. Essentially the whole plot of the show is that food taste better when eaten with others.


Like Ichigo Mashimaro above, Minami-ke is the tale of three sisters just living and doing it adorably. You get to meet their large group of friends and watch them go on adventures. However, because it switched studios so frequently with its different seasons, it wasn’t such a successful multi-season series.

sabagebu anime


This is another one of your typical “girls joins a club full of other cute girls” series. In this case, the club is a survival game club, and because that is seen as such a manly hobby, the cuteness of the girls is, naturally, turned up several notches. Still, watching girls shoot people while airsoft guns is pretty fun.


Yuna Yuki is a Hero

Like Madoka Magica was almost cute girls doing cute things right up until it wasn’t that at all, Yuna Yuki is a Hero tells another magical girl moe story that plays with that dark line, but never fully commits to hopping across it. However, if you want things cute, lightly dark, and not quite as mind-fucking as Madoka Magica, this is a lovely choice.

new game anime

New Game

New Game takes the usual trope of this sub-genre, the girl joining a club of cute girls, and matures it up a bit. In New Game, Aoba Suzukaze is obsessed with a video game, so naturally after she graduates, she goes to work for the company that makes it. This anime shows all the passionate people that bring her favorite game to life, and yes, most of them are unrealistically cute girls instead of grumpy game programmers.

Sakura Trick anime

Sakura Trick

A lot of cute girls doing cute things shows are vaguely shoujo ai-ish at times, but Sakura Trick is more in the open with those themes. It is about two girls that have been friends since middle school entering into high school where the high school is closing in three years. As one girl begins to make more friends, the two decide to do something they would never do with other girls – kiss. This leads to more kisses and a drastically changed relationship.

Yuyushiki anime


I’d like to say that Yuyushiki is that last “girl joining a club of cute girls” show on this list, but it’s not. This time it is the data processing club. However, you have a smaller group of girls to work with this time, but it does a great job of making them each feel special.

girls und panzer

Girls und Panzer

Cute girls driving tanks for sport!

Kokoro Library anime

Kokoro Library

For awhile, many people thought Azumanga Diaoh was the pioneer of this genre, but everyone forgot about Kokoro Library. If you want to watch the first, then this is it. It is about three personality-different sisters who run a library in the middle of nowhere.

kon anime


A lot of the music shows you get now fall into this sub-genre as well. K-On is arguably the cutest of them, and like Lucky Star, started the backlash against moe.



Lastly, Teekyuu is not only a show about girls in a club, but a gag comedy show as well. In this case, the girls join the tennis club, but no one ever plays tennis in the club. Instead they engage in abstract craziness ala Nichijou or Azumanga Diaoh.

This is legitimately the tip of the adorable iceberg when it comes to anime series that feature cute girls doing cute things. If we skipped some of your most beloved favorites, share them in the comments section below.