Previously we did a little list about cute girls doing cute things, a beloved moe sub-genre. However, even if you aren’t distinctly across the anti-moe line, watching slice of life anime can be a little wearing after awhile. Sometimes you need a little action. You need a little violence. However, why sacrifice the cute waifu bait you love though, right? If you like your cute girls on the more interesting crazy criminal side, here are a few anime series you can enjoy.

Akame ga Kill


Female assassins are one of the most popular ways to display cute girls doing just horrible things to people. However, what sets Akame ga Kill apart from the hundreds of other female assassination series is its unpredictability and the fact that no one has plot armor thick enough to escape death.

Future Diary

Future Diary anime

Future Diary is practically built around the fact that main female protagonist Yuno is super cute, but also super crazy. Nothing says love like a girl that is happy to murder for you if you leave and might even murder your friends if they try to take her away from you.

Death Note


Strictly speaking, a lot of Death Note focuses around the boys, but once Misa Misa enters the picture, you get a girl that is enamored enough with her love that she is willing to do anything. Of course, that gets taken advantage of, but she is more than happy to do it.

Black Lagoon


In Black Lagoon, pretty much everyone is a criminal, which includes the smokin’ hot lead female Revy. Although she falls not so much in the “cute” category as she does in the “sexy” one, but she and other women in the series get into plenty of badass and very criminal things.

Danganronpa: The Animation

Not all the women in Danganronpa are criminals, and not all of them are cute either. However, what seems like an intriguing escape the room mystery at first soon turns to a murder mystery, and you better believe it isn’t just the boys that are getting their hands dirty.

Higurashi: When They Cry


Higurashi is the quintessential example of cute girls doing criminal things. When things start out, Higurashi looks like a typical country moe show with a hint of a murder mystery, but you don’t exactly think those girls are going to go crazy and murderous. However, they do. Oh man, they do.

Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt

panty and stocking anime

Let’s put it this way: you don’t get kicked out of heaven for being good girls. This is the case with the “Anarchy Sisters” Panty and Stocking. Aside from also being slightly lewd with the ability to transform lingerie into weapons, they also get into a whole hell of a lot of not strictly legal trouble as they dispatch spirits trying to get back up top.

Chaos; Head

chaos head anime

Although the show focuses on the male lead who has trouble discerning reality from delusion, one of the major mysteries of the show is the New Gen murders. Of course, you can probably guess that the criminal is one of the highly suspicious and cute girls that end up surrounding the main character.

School Days

school days romance

No matter your feelings on School Days and the way it played out, there is no denying that is fits into cute girls doing criminal things perfectly, at least at the end. Throughout the rest of it, mostly it is an exercise in pure sluttery.



Shiki is living proof that sometimes the cutest girls are indeed the craziest and the most murder-y. What is great about Shiki is that throughout most of it, the show leaves you wondering if the cute girls you are seeing are actually evil or even real. However, by the end you understand.

School Live!

top 20 anime feature zombies

What could be more criminal than living at your school without adult supervision? Well, I guess that is excused by the zombie apocalypse going on outside, though. However, the real crime is when these moe girls crack zombie skulls. Yes, it is a crime against god arguably, but the real crime is that there isn’t more of it in the show.

Elfen Lied


Elfen Lied is often one of the first shows that fans think of when they think of cute girls doing just awful things to each other. If you like gore, and watching girls with bubblegum pink hair dismember each other, well… That is basically Elfen Lied.

Assassination Classroom

Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom

As Assassination Classroom has such a large cast of characters, there was bound to be a few cute girls within. Even the main character, who is a boy, is pretty easy to confuse as a cute girl due to his distinct hair style. While most of the time, these kids aren’t breaking any laws, there are a few dubious moments that your probably shouldn’t have let some school kids do.

High School of the Dead

highschool of the dead anime

Another zombie series! However, the girls in High School of the Dead have a lot more curves than the moe fare in School Live. In High School of the Dead, they commit a lot more crime as well. Alongside zombie killing and breaking and entering, there is some rape-y moments and good, old fashioned non-zombie murder within as well.


Jormungand anime

Before there was Black Lagoon about a group of mercenaries lead by a woman, there was Jormungand, an anime series about a female arms dealer and her crew. Although the women aren’t what you would call cute, or even sexy, there is no question as to their criminal nature.

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl anime

Despite the Gunslinger Girl anime taking a nose dive as it goes on, there is no finer example of cute girls doing criminal things than a group of young, moe assassin girls with ridiculously huge rifles. This series tends to take its plot a little more seriously than others, so expect some pain.


Noir anime

Noir is the story of two amnesic assassin girls that don’t know why they are so good at killing, but do it together anyway. Together they work under the moniker “Noir,” a famous assassin name that strikes fear into the hearts of the masses. You watch them live, you watch them kill, and you watch them unravel a pretty decent character mystery.

Strike Witches

Strike Witches anime

Strike Witches is about an alternate version of World War II where aliens invaded instead of Axis powers. Of course, no normal humans can fight these aliens, so they send in cute girls with large unwieldy weapons. If we’re being honest, there is not a whole lot of crime in this show. Mostly it is just minor crimes. Of course, from an alien standpoint, these girls are mass murders.


Canaan anime

Canaan is about a female photography team in Shanghai, China. One day while investigating some strange events at a local festival, the two girls get wrapped up a battle between masked men and a mysterious woman. From there on in, the audience gets wrapped up in a plot full of intrigue, murder, and, of course, crimes carried out by men and women alike.

Rin: Daughter of Mnemosyne


When you are immortal, it kind of just gives you a free pass on crime, doesn’t it? Of course, the female main character in Rin is actually a private detective instead of a criminal, but she commits her fair share of dubious acts as well.

If we missed any shows about cute girls doing criminal things, then let us know in the comments section below.