Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who finds everything dull and believes he will never amount to anything, that is, until a girl named Nagisa catches his eye one day on his way to school. Suddenly, Tomoya begins to notice Nagisa more and more. She is sickly and weak, but she always tries her best in order to follow her dream of reviving the school’s drama club. Claiming he has nothing better to do, he decides to help Nagisa, and along the way ends up helping several other girls and potential drama club members. However, as he learns more about the girls and helps them overcome their problems, he might just be able to overcome his own as well.

After crying your way through Clannad and Clannad After Story, you have likely realized that anime laden with feels is pretty addicting. If you can’t get enough of Clannad, try these anime recommendations.

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For Fans of Harems

kanon anime

As a young child, Yuuichi Aizawa frequently visited his cousins in the city. However, after something traumatic happens, he has stayed away for seven long years. Now, when Yuuichi returns, he has completely blocked out his hurtful memories. However, when he begins to meet girls he knew during his childhood, the past begins to bubble forth.

As another Jun Maeda anime (the person responsible for Clannad), of course Kanon has some similarities. Clannad actually steals a lot of its jokes from Kanon, but both series features similar situations with different characters. Essentially the both feel the same while being, for the most part, different.

haganai animeHaganai

Kodaka Hasegawa is anything but a delinquent. However, because of his blonde hair and bad boy face, he has been labeled as such. When classmates shiver in your presence, it makes it difficult to make friends. Yet, when Kodaka meets Yozora, a girl that is perhaps a bigger outcast than him, the pair start the Neighbors’ Club. In the Neighbors’ Club, those without any friends are invited to join, but not all personalities may mesh well.

In Clannad, Nagisa starts the drama club to do plays, make friends, and enjoy her schools day. In Haganai, Kodoka starts a club to make friends. While Clannad is heavier in terms of emotions, both feature strong harem elements, comedy, and romance.

For Fans of Many Feels

angel beats animeAngel Beats

Otonashi wakes up without any memories, only to be told that he is dead. What’s more, a rifle-toting girl named Yuri suddenly asks him to join the Afterlife Battlefront to wage war against the Angel that rules this world and the unfair god she serves. Unable to believe Angel is evil, he tries to talk to her, but the meeting does not go as planned. From there, Otonashi gradually discovers more about himself and the mysteries of the afterlife.

Want to feel like you just got punched in the heart a couple hundred times? Then watching Clannad and Angel Beats is a good way to do that. Both are funny, and both will hit you in the feels with a critical hit. Clannad is generally more romance-oriented while Angel beats doesn’t quite have the same pay off, but you don’t watch Angel Beats for the romance. You watch it for the crushingly sad stories.

Anohana animeAnohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

After the accidental death of their childhood friend Menma, Jinta and his group of friends drifted apart. However, one day, Jinta, now living as a recluse, begins to see what he believes to be Menma’s ghost. She keeps asking him to help her fulfill a long-forgotten wish. This draws Jinta and his friends together once more where they must overcome their past guilt and regrets.

Both Clannad and Anohana are two anime series that feature the development of romance and friendship with just a touch of supernatural elements. While Anohana is cute, it often tends to side on the more dramatic. It also features superior animation as well. Sorry, Clannad.

myself yourself animeMyself; Yourself

As a child Hidaka Sana leaves his friends and life behind to move to Tokyo with his parents. Years later, he returns as a high school student. While some friends have remained the same, some people, including Sana, are completely different. However, the thing that has changed the most is his dear friend Yatsushiro Nanaka. She used to smile and be so sweet, but now she is withdrawn and overcome by an air of gloom.

At a glance, you think that both series are going to be about the male protagonist helping his ladies deal with their issues. However, as you get further into both, you realize that the male protagonist has his problems too. Myself;Yourself is the ultimate romance drama. It seems that 2007 (the year both this and Clannad came out), was a big year for that sort of thing.

kokoro connect anime
Kokoro Connect

One day, for seemingly no reason in particular, the members of the Cultural Research Club start randomly switching bodies with each other. It becomes utter chaos, especially when members of the opposite sex start switching. However, when you are wearing someone else’s skin, it is hard to keep your most guarded secrets inside.

As Clannad does throughout many of its arcs, Kokoro Connect starts off like your typical romantic comedy, but as the series goes on, it becomes much more serious and dramatic. Kokoro Connect is actually pretty interesting as in Clannad most characters start to willingly face their issues, but in Kokoro Connect, they don’t have much of a choice.

ef a tale of memories animeEf: A Tale of Memories

Ef tells two different love stories. One about Hiro Hirono who accidentally spends Christmas Eve with Miyako Miyamure after she steals his bike (and crashes it) to chase down a robber. The other follows Renji Asou, a boy with a white knight complex, who comes to have feelings for Chihiro Shindou, a girl that is always reading alone at an abandoned train station. In effort to get closer to her, he eventually suggests they write a novel together.

Both Clannad and Ef are kind of roller coasters of feels. However, while Clannad was more comedic, Ef is more dramatic. However, both feature deep emotional characters arcs that touch the heart and feature characters having to deal with their issues.

For Fans of Timid Girls Like Nagisa

kawai complex anime
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Kazunari Usa is excited to begin living his life on his own without being bothered by weird people. However, when he meets the occupants of his new boarding house, his dreams are dashed. Yet, one bright ray of light among the sea of weirdos is Ritsu Kawai, his senior sempai and a quiet girl that is always reading. Although she barely acknowledges him, he finds himself falling slowly in love.

While on the outside, Ritsu may come off as a more abrasive heroine, it is more on accident than anything. In both series, we watch the male protagonist navigate a series of strange characters while also witnessing character growth, albeit at a slow pace. Essentially, if you like the usual romance tropes in Clannad, this is a good follow up.

one week friends animeOne Week Friends

High school student Hase Yuuki finds out the hard way how difficult romance can be after finding out Kaori, the girl he has fallen for, can only remember memories for a week at a time. Because of this, she often shies away from making friends, but can Yuuki’s sheer determination help her come out of her shell for just one week?

School relationships and romance are central in both series. Unfortunately, if you are looking for the kind of romantic pay off that Clannad has, you won’t find it with this short, but very sweet little series. However, if you like watching the male protagonist go to any length of the girl he likes and his friends, One Week Friends can be very fulfilling.

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