Although not completely common, Ajin, or demi-humans, have become a part of society. High school biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi is increasingly interested in Ajin for research, but having never met one himself, he let it be. Well, he was going to give up, until he found out that not only are three students in his school demi’s, but a fellow teacher, too. As he sets up interviews with them, Tetsuo finds out that they have both human and demi problems to overcome.

While monster girls are not a totally untapped market, typically shows focus on them being sexy rather than cute. If you like slice of life shows that focus on friendship and overcoming problems, then Interviews with Monster Girls is an underappreciated gem.

For Fans of Monster Girls


Rosario + Vampire

Unable to get into any other high schools, Tsukune Aono’s parents are thrilled when Youkai Academy accepts him. However, the problem is that Youkai Academy is a high school for monsters, not humans. With being eaten by monsters being a very real possibility, Tsukune must work hard to keep his humanity a secret. However, when the most attractive girl in school and resident vampire becomes attracted to his blood, he finds an ally and perhaps a romantic interest.

Both series start with the main character running into a vampire. While Rosario + Vampire is about trying to hide the boy’s humanity, Interviews with Monster Girls is about the main character wanting to know more about demi-humans. Both shows are technically harem shows, but Interviews with Monster Girls doesn’t have a romantic twist to it.


Actually, I Am

Completely on accident, average boy Asahi Kuromine discovers that Youko, the girl he has a crush on, is actually a vampire. According to her father’s rules, she must now quit school, but since Asahi doesn’t want her to go, he agrees to keep her secret. However, it turns out she won’t be the only supernatural being entering his life.

Like Interviews with Monster Girls, the series starts off with the main character having a run in with a vampire. From there, the monsters in his life seem to just multiply. However, the major difference is that Actually, I Am is a romance series while Interviews with Monster Girls is about building friendship and acceptance.

monster musume anime

Monster Musume

After his parents move abroad, Kimihito Kurusu lives a quiet life. That is until an incompetent interspecies exchange coordinator leaves him as the homestay caretaker of a Lamia named Miia. With non-humans trying to integrate into human society, Miia’s presence only serves to attract more odd monster girls into Kimihito’s life.

Both series are about the human world being integrated with monster worlds, but Monster Musume is more of a recent thing. However, if you wished that Interviews with Monster Girls had more ridiculous fan service, then Monster Musume would be the way to go for that.

yozakura quartet anime

Yozakura Quartet

In this town, humans and demons coexist, but not always peacefully. As the normal police can’t handle demons, the Hizumi Life Counseling Office and its four unique teenagers with superpowers are in charge of keeping the peace in this integrated world.

Both worlds are about the merging of humans and non-humans. However, while Interviews with Monster Girls is presented as a somewhat peaceful world between the two, Yozakura Quartet is about dealing with all the problems of such a society.

For Fans of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

gabriel dropout anime

Gabriel DropOut

After graduating high school in Heaven, angels are sent down to Earth to guide humans down a righteous path. Heaven had high hopes for Gabriel, the top of her class. However, when she descended, she ended up skipping classes and getting addicted to online games.

It is surprising to find two similar shows in one season, but it happened. Gabriel DropOut is more about angels and demons rather than demi-humans, but it has the same theme of cute girls just hanging around and doing cute things. However, it has more of an otaku spin to it.

the flying witch anime

The Flying Witch

The rural area of Aomori maybe good farm land, but this bountiful land is also popular for Japan’s young witches to come and practice their craft. This is the case for Makoto Kowata, who has left her home in Yokohama to move to Aomori to live with her cousins, go to high school, and practice her magic.

While Interviews with Monster Girls is pretty laid back, The Flying Witch takes that bright and simple atmosphere and tones it down even more until it is one of the most peaceful and chill anime series you will see. While Monster Girls is about demi-humans, The Flying Witch is more about witches and their familiars.

minameke anime


This is the tale of the Minami sisters – Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki – who live alone. The attend school, they do chores, and they interact with all sorts of odd characters.

Interviews with Monster Girls is a school life tale about supernatural girls. If you remove the supernatural bint and made them sisters, then it would end up a lot more like Minami-ke. While Interviews with Monster Girls has something close to an overall plot, Minami-ke is more about random life events.

For Fans of Older Male Mentors

sweetness and lightning cute

Sweetness and Lightning

After the death of his wife, high school math teacher Kouhei Inuzuka has been doing his best to raise his young daughter. However, his limited culinary knowledge prevents him from cooking her good nutritious meals. After a chance encounter with one of his students, he ends up going to her mother’s restaurant where all three of them learn how to cook meals together.

Both Sweetness and Lighting and Interviews with Monster Girls have interactions involving being looked after by an older male figure that is also a teacher. However, while Tetsuo is always laidback, Inuzuka is a little more neurotic about things. The major difference here is that Sweetness and Lightning is more about food and parenthood.

gate anime


While on his way to buy doujinshi in Ginza, off-duty SDF officer Youji Itami witnessed the opening of a gate to another world and an attack from the primitive military that emerged. Helping to fend off the attack, he suddenly finds himself assigned to the unit that is going to be sent to the other side. While he would rather stay behind and engage in his otaku hobbies, the world on the other side is filled with dragons, princesses, elves, and cat girls – in other words, an otaku’s dream.

Not only do Tetsuo and Youji share a Japanese voice actor, they actually sport the same character design. While Tetsuo is a responsible teacher, Youji is more of a responsible otaku, but they both share that laidback attitude that apparently comes with the appearance. Both shows are also about attracting a kind-of-harem of supernatural women as well.

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