In 1868, English nobleman George Joestar had his life saved by Dario Brando. When Dario passes away, George repays the favor he owed by taking in Dario’s son, Dio. However, unsatisfied with his life, Dio soon moves to take control of the Joestar house with the help of an Aztec stone mask that grants him supernatural powers. In his quest to destroy George and his son Jonathan, it sets off a chain of events that will echo through the decades, including half a century later when Jonathan’s grandson, Joseph, discovers his family’s legacy.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was hailed as the return of that 1980’s machismo anime that has been thoroughly drowned by the rise of moe. Garnering a huge following of fans, if you want some more GAR like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, try these anime recommendations on for size.

For Fans of Manly Men Doing Manly Things

gurren lagann anime

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagaan

Born and raised in an underground village, both Kamina and young Simon dream of seeing the fabled surface. However, they get their wish sooner than expected when they fend off an attack from the surface using a mysterious new weapon that they excavated. However, the resulting journey will take the out of this world.

Both series are chest beating at its finest. Between the abundant use of histrionics, manly inspirational speeches, and the over the top action, you could not find two finer series in the war on moe. However, while the plots in both series start out simple enough, they sort of compound themselves with intricacy that makes them both a pleasure to watch for anyone.

fist of the north star anime world

Fist of the North Star

After being betrayed and left for dead, martial arts master Kenshiro now wanders the post-apocalyptic world looking for his rival Shin, the man that kidnapped his fiancé.

A lot of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was inspired by Fist of the North Star, particularly its characters and you can really see that if you watch both series. However, if you don’t particular give a fuck about that, both series have a lot of over the top action and interesting fights. Although Fist of the North Star probably has Jojo beat on the amount of exploding heads.

Charge! Men's Private School anime

Charge! Men’s Private School

Otokojuku is a private men’s school for juvenile delinquents that were expelled from normal schools. Not only is Japanese chivalry part of the curriculum, but military fundamentals as well. Classes are overwhelmed by violence and only those who survive become true men.

If you want more of that 1980’s machismo, then you need to watch some true manly series from the 1980’s. This is one of the most testosterone-filled. Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you have characters with highly accentuated manly features and every moment is just filled with fights and speeches about being true men.

For Fans of the Villain of the Week Formula

hunter x hunter anime

Hunter x Hunter

Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss is determined to become a world-class Hunter, a skilled individual that perform all manner of dangerous tasks, in order to find out what happened to his father.  However, Gon finds that the path to achieving his goals is more challenging than he could have ever imagined, but in order to overcome it, Gon recruits some powerful friends.

You could pretty much take any shounen anime and compare it to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, because it is basically the same style but a little more mature. It is the same with Hunter x Hunter, it looks like your typical shounen tripe initially, but when you get into the series, things just get incredibly awesome and elevate it far beyond what you expected.

Zetman anime


Jin Kazaki has the ability to transform into a superhuman known as ZET. Kouga Amagi is fuelled by his strong sense of justice and technology to fight as ALPHAS. The series starts with these two superpowers facing off, but what has lead them to such a violent clash?

In essence, both Zetman and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are about why two guys are constantly fighting each other and so many of the people that come after them. You get a lot of supernatural fights in both as well with their various creatures. Both are also stories of good versus evil without much subtly in that regard.

Ushio and Tora

Ushio Aotsuki doesn’t share his eccentric priest father’s beliefs in youkai. However, on a fateful trip to the basement, he encounters a menacing youkai impaled by a spear. This youkai, Tora, begs him to set him free, but Ushio doesn’t give in. However, after a youkai outbreak threatens the lives of those dear to him, he is given no choice. Now Ushio must get Tora to work with him, threatening to seal him with the spear to keep him in check.

Ushio and Tora is, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a more modern anime adaption of a manga that started in the 80’s. While you get that nice crisp new animation in both, you can tell just by the character designs that they came from a different era. Aside from that, both are series about battling, and mostly about battling supernatural creatures.

For Fans of Bizarre Abilities

akame ga kill anime

Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi is a naive boy from a rural village that makes the trip to the city in order to join the military and help his hometown. However, after he is rejected, he ends up joining Night Raid, a group of assassins part of a revolutionary movement to overthrow the government. From there, he must fight.

Akame ga Kill is a little less GAR than Jojo, but this is for people that enjoy Jojo for other reasons, namely the fighting and the wacked out abilities that some people have. You get a lot of good fights and both are series where when people die, they stay dead. Or perhaps, it would be more apt to say there is no contrived fake-outs. Sometimes they come back as other things in Jojo.

toriko anime


In this world, happiness is measured by what you eat. As such, people are always on the hunt for ultimate ingredients that are gotten from powerful monsters. Those who battle these monsters for ingredients are Gourmet Hunters. This story follows Toriko, a Gourmet Hunter and his chef friend Komatsu. Toriko aims to cook the perfect meal while Komatsu wants to reach the level of master chef.

No, Toriko didn’t just make it on here because the main character is so beefy and muscular like the majority of Jojo characters. Mostly it made it on here because of the similarities it has in its fights. They are both highly original series that feature powers and abilities you don’t see in other anime series.

terra formars anime

Terra Formars

After sending cockroaches and algae to terraform Mars as a second home for the crowded Earth, in the future their efforts are coming back to bite them. Not only is an alien disease ravaging humanity, but the cockroaches evolved in murderous giants with a vendetta against humanity. In order to get a cure for the disease, a team of genetically modified heroes from around the world must go to Mars and fight in order to gather samples.

Just the style of Terra Formars is evocative of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. You have a lot of men, and they all look pretty ridiculously muscled, then on top of that, you add in a bunch of insane and unique powers and augmentations. However, unlike Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that balances plot and its many fights, there are times in Terra Formars where the fights win out over the story, like that entire first season there.

Are these not manly enough for you? Well, let us into za warudo (Sorry, had to) of your anime life by giving us more good anime recommendations in the comments section below.