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Anime Series Like The King’s Avatar

anime series like the king's avatar

In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu was a legendary professional player. However, when he gets into an altercation with a team mate, he is kicked from the team and forced out of the pro circuit. Ye Xiu manages to find work as manager in an internet café and resigns to his fate. One day he notices that Glory has launched a new server and throws himself into the fray once more. With ten years experience, Xiu is hardly a noob and he is set to play towards the summit.

Depending on how you feel by this Chinese investment in anime or the fact that it was made by League of Legends owner, there is no changing the fact that it has some of the best art in the Spring 2017 season. If you were intrigued by it, have at these anime recommendations.

For Fans of Pro Gaming

Btooom! anime


Ryouta Sakamoto is a master Btooom! player, but in the blink of an eye he finds himself stranded on an island with a great big hole in his memory. With only a few provisions and a bag of bombs, Ryouta must survive as other players in this recreated version of Btooom! tries to kill him. There is only one way out: kill seven people or die trying.

Although their plots differ at some key points, both Btooom and The King’s Avatar are about the top tier players of their games playing their games. However, Btooom is a game of survival now played IRL and The King’s Avatar is basically just getting back on the ol’ horse.

Accel World anime

Accel World

Haruyuki Arita is a loser at school, constantly ridiculed by his peers. Like so many, his only escape is into the virtual world of video games. One day, his ‘leet’ video game skills attract the attention of Kuroyukihime, the school’s popular student council Vice President. She introduces Haru to a new game called Brain Burst that accelerates the human cognitive process to the point at which time appears to stop. However, it is really actually an Augmented Reality Massively Multiplayer Online (ARMMO) Fighting Game where people fight each other in fierce duels in order to obtain Burst Points which can be spent for acceleration abilities in the real world.

Accel World is distinctly more comedic than the King’s Avatar, but at their core, both series are about people climbing the ladder in various games. However, while Xiu is vaguely cool, Haru is most definitely not.

overlord isekai


As the final hour approaches the life cycle of the MMO Yggdrasil, Momonga, a powerful wizard and leader of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, is there to see it off. However, to his surprise, the servers don’t go down and even stranger is that all the NPC characters have come alive with their own unique personalities.

This is the thing about games, even if it has a long life cycle or you play on the pro circuit, you are going to need to say good bye. There are other games out there and all things must have their end. Both of these shows are about endings, and the opportunities that come after.

For Fans of Restarts

the silver guardian anime

The Silver Guardian

Riku Suigin is a master at gaming, but one day he receives a device from his classmate for an online tomb raiding game. When his classmate is suddenly kidnapped, he touches the device and is sucked inside of it. There he faces a game world that is completely new to him, and finishing it may hold the key to helping his friend.

Both shows are new this season, but The King’s Avatar is just ever so slightly better, if only because of the superior artwork. However, both series follow gamers, both of which are good at what they do, as they restart in various ways. For Riku, it is a new game, for Xiu, it is a new server.

sword art online light novel

Sword Art Online

With the aid of NerveGear technology, video game players can now experience their playable worlds like never before – in virtual reality. For Kazuto Kirigaya, his game of choice is Sword Art Online. After beta testing the game, he logs into the launch and finds himself, as well as ten thousand other players, trapped in the game world.

Both series follow top tier players as they explore the games they have fallen in love with. In The King’s Avatar, he is forced to restart on a new server and in Sword Art Online, a beta player restarts for the official launch. While the games differ, both series have some intense action-packed moments in their own ways.

rezero anime


When Subaru Natsuki goes out for a midnight snack run, he suddenly finds himself transported to another world. As a bewildered teen in a land of swords and magic, he wanders around and ends up attacked by thugs. After being saved by a mysterious woman, he agrees to help her get back something that was stolen. Unfortunately, it ends in both their deaths. With his dying breath, he finds that he possesses the power of revival, escaping his death by the repeating the last few hours.

Both of these series are quintessential restart anime shows. Re:Zero takes Subaru to a whole new world, but each time he dies, he also keeps his memories from before. In The King’s Avatar, Xiu takes his knowledge and skill to a brand new server where he stomps people.

For Fans Prideful Main Characters

Miyuki from The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magical High School

After magic, once thought to be folklore, was turned into a technical skill, schools to teach it opened all over. At one such school are siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba. While Miyuki excels, her brother is placed in a lower class due to his seemingly magical ineptitude. However, he has rather unique abilities that make him quite irregular.

While the Irregular at Magic High School drifts into a more fantasy genre, what it does have in common is a rather unassuming main character that is extremely talented, but has a variety of character flaws. Primarily pride is their problem which can lead to numerous bits of drama in both shows.

one outs anime

One Outs

Toua Tokuchi is an athlete and a gambler. He makes his money with a serious fastball and a simplified game of baseball called One Outs. However, one day he is approached by a veteran slugger and asked to join his long unsuccessful team, but the owner of the team doesn’t want him to threaten the money that he makes by losing. Toua, being the gambler that he is, eventually settles that for each out he pitches, he gets 5 million yen, but for each hit, he loses 50 million.

You wouldn’t expect a baseball anime to have much in common with one about gaming, but both shows possess extremely intelligent and prideful characters that are poised to do great things. They also have the similarity of these characters thinking deeply about their games.

Do you have any more anime recommendations for The King’s Avatar? Let us know in the comments section below.

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