Arata Kaizaki is an unemployed 27-year-old that has thus far been living with the financial support of his parents and part-time jobs. After leaving his first job after only three months, he has not been able to find proper work. However, after a night of drinking with his friends, he meets a mysterious man that offers a drunk Arata a pill that will turn him 17 again so that he can redo a year of his youth, all expenses paid. Will Arata find what he needs to live a happy life after one year in high school again?

We have all felt awkward or lacking in some way at some point, making ReLife an anime series that you can learn from in hopes that you can apply those lessons to your actual life. For more special learning moments like those in ReLife, give these anime recommendations a try.

For Fans of Social Rehabilitation

welcome to the nhk anime

Welcome to the NHK

Tatsuhiro Satou dropped out of college and has been living the hikikomori lifestyle for almost four years. In his isolation, he has come to believe many conspiracy theories, primary among them that a mysterious organization called the NHK is responsible for the rise in hikikomori shut-ins like himself.

Although Kaizaki maintains he is not one, both he and Tatsuhiro technically classify as NEETs, and through one twist of fate or another, they are both given a chance to try and rehabilitate themselves with the support of a complete stranger. While both are somewhat lighthearted in nature, Welcome to the NHK gets a bit darker, dramatic, and psychological than ReLife.

kiznaiver animeKiznaiver

Katsuhira Agata is a quiet boy whose sense of pain has vanished. His complacent behavior has now made him an easy target for bullies, but he feels nothing they can do to him. One day, Katsuhira, his friend Chidori, and four others are abducted and forced to join the Kizuna System, one that connects them through pain, forcing them all to experience each other’s agony.

Although Kaiznaiver is not about NEETs, both series follow a scientific and social experiment whose ultimate aim is to make society better. Both series follow a series of teenage drama that focuses on the many relationships and friendships within and each series explores the hidden dark past of the main characters.

kokoro connect anime

Kokoro Connect

Five friends at the Yamaboshi Academy are all members of the Student Cultural Society, a club where they basically sit around and do nothing. However, things start to get interesting one day when these five friends start randomly switching bodies, forcing them all to come to terms with dark secrets and emotional scars.

Both series are essentially just high school romance series, but each have a sort of experimental twist to them. Each series features heavy drama surrounding the mental state of a number of its characters and explores themes of jealousy, love, and friendship.

For Fans of Second Chances

Erased anime

Struggling manga artist and part-time pizza delivery person Satoru Fujinuma has a special ability, one he calls “Revival”. Right when something bad is about to happen, he is able to travel back in time a few seconds in order to stop it. However, after he is wrongly accused of murdering someone dear to him, Satoru travels back further than ever before – to his childhood right before three children his age are about to be kidnapped and murdered.

In both Erased and ReLife, the main character is given a chance to turn back the clock. However, while Erased literally sends Fujinuma back to his childhood, Kaizaki is just given a new chance at youth. Furthermore, ReLife tends to be more comedic and upbeat while Erased is dark and mysterious.

orange anime


One day Naho receives a letter from herself, one sent from ten years in the future. It details a series of events that transpire in her group of friends, starting with the appearance with the transfer student Kakeru Naruse and ending with his death. The letter instructs her to try and change the future in order to save him and ease the regrets of her future self.

Both Orange and ReLife are about regrets. Both main characters have a lot of them. However, in ReLife, the main character is given a chance to learn how to overcome his regrets while in Orange Naho is able to send a letter to her past self which creates an alternate timeline where she can prevent her regrets from happening. Both series are light, but feature some drama.

For Fans of Girls with Poor Social Skills

kimi ni todoke animeKimi ni Todoke

Misunderstood Kuronuma Sawako often has her timid nature mistaken as maliciousness by her classmates. However, longing to make friends she continues to try and reach out. Her yearning to be normal naturally attracts her to Kazehaya Shouta, the most popular guy in class. When he starts talking to her, suddenly her life begins to slowly change.

Both shows focus heavily on exploring the social connection and challenges that occur in adolescent life. The female main characters in both are somewhat socially inept and have problems making friends, but possess a desire to change. While both series also features romance, they shine more in their presentation of realistic character interaction and emotions.

kawai complex anime

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Kazunari Usa is a freshman in high school and is living on his own for the first time in a boarding house. However, when he meets his masochistic, bondage obsessed roommate, Usa is ready to find somewhere else to live. However, just when he is about to leave, he crosses path with his sempai, the beautiful, but bookish Ritsu Kawai that also lives there. He decides to stay.

The similarities between ReLife and Kawai Complex lie in its characters. Both male protagonists care deeply about other people and want to help, but the most similar characters are the female leads. Both are cold and somewhat unsocialable, but purely because of poor social skills, otherwise they are highly intelligent. Throughout the series, you watch both come out of their shell while surrounded by a whole slew of other charismatic characters.

My little monster anime

My Little Monster

Shizuku Mizutani is apathetic and only cares about getting good grades. However, when she is tasked with taking homework to Haru Yoshida, a troublemaker that hasn’t attended school recently, her outlook begins to change. Both understand little of human nature, but through their friendship, each has their social world expanded and gains a unique perspective other than their own.

Like in ReLife, the female lead in My Little Monster is very smart, but very poor at making friends and interacting with others. However, through the help of the male lead, they both end up coming out of their shell a little more. The major difference is that Mizutani can be a little more aggressive at times and seems to have a more firm grasp on her own feelings.

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