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death note anime

Psychological, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Death Note

top 20 historical anime


Top 20 Historical Anime Recommendations To Take You Back In Time

gurren lagann anime

Action, Mecha

Anime Series Like Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

yamada kun and the seven witches


20 Good Anime That Were Based on a Really Stupid Premise

from the new world animeme

Horror, Romance, Supernatural

Anime Series Like From the New World

anime achievements


The 15 Greatest Anime Achievements, Unlocked

one punch man anime

Action, Comedy

Anime Series Like One Punch Man

summer 2016 anime


8 Summer 2016 Season Anime to Binge on This Fall

black butler

Action, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Black Butler

badass old men in anime


The Top 20 Strongest and Most Badass Old Men in Anime

anime series like orange

Romance, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Orange

tsundere boys


Top 20 Tsundere Boys in Anime

kimi ni todoke big

Romance, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Kimi Ni Todoke

Kirino Kousaka


Top 20 Tsundere Girls in Anime

seven deadly sins anime

Action, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Seven Deadly Sins

god complex in anime

Lists, Psychological

Top 20 Anime Characters With A Huge God Complex

sweetness and lightning cute

Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Sweetness and Lightning

anime steak


The Tastiest, Most Tantalizing, Delicious-Looking Food in Anime

relife anime

Romance, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like ReLife

anime dorm

Lists, Slice of Life

10 Anime Series Showcasing Dorm Life

oreimo animes

Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Oreimo

anime based on classic literature


9 Anime Series Inspired by Classic Literature

terra formars anime

Action, Horror

Anime Series Like Terra Formars

samurai anime genre

Action, Lists

Top 20 Anime Recommendations Featuring Samurai

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