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space brothers anime

Comedy, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Space Brothers

underrated anime series


Our Top 9 Picks for Underrated Anime Series

Horror, Psychological

Anime Series Like Monster

Horror, Lists

8 Anime Series About Natural Disasters

Action, Horror, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Deadman Wonderland

anime about superheroes


10 Anime Series Featuring Superheroes


Comedy, Horror, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Ghost Stories

anime outside of japan


15 Anime Series That Take Place Outside Japan

anime series like date a live

Ecchi, Mecha, Romance

Anime Series Like Date A Live

best live action anime


15 Live Action Anime Adaptations That Aren’t Terrible


Anime Series Like Haikyuu!!

celty and shinra from durarara

Lists, Romance

10 of the Strangest Anime Romances



Anime Like The Heroic Legend of Arslan

worldbuilding in anime


15 Anime Series with the Best Worldbuilding


Psychological, Romance, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Bakemonogatari

magic realism in anime


15 Anime Recommendations for Fans of Magic Realism

rikka from chunibyou

Comedy, Romance

Anime Series Like Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

best anime beards


15 Most Impressive Beards in Anime

anime series like is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon

Action, Comedy

Anime Series Like Is It Wrong to Ty to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

school clubs in anime

Lists, Slice of Life

15 Anime Recommendations About School Club Shenanigans

anime series like kuroko's basketball


Anime Series Like Kuroko’s Basketball

mutliple couples anime

Lists, Romance

15 Romance Anime Recommendations Featuring Multiple Couples

made in the abyss anime


Anime Series Like Made in Abyss

how to watch the monogatari series in order

Action, Lists, Supernatural

How to Watch the Monogatari Series in Order

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