Most anime, especially these days, is a feast for the eyes. New animation techniques have opened the door for some series to look absolutely stunning. However, even way back when in the days when anime was still hand drawn frame-by-frame, there was still one part that looked absolutely amazing – the food.

Conspiracy theorist could suggest that the reason for obesity among anime fans is not because they sit binging shows all day, but because the food presented in those shows can inspire a hunger the likes of which they have never experienced before.

From magnificent feasts to simple snacks that sustain the study groups of the slice of life genre, anime food looks good. Damn good. So good you want the same technology used to punch trolls through the computer screen to become a reality just so you can reach out and grab the tasty treats presented on the screen.

So today, Recommend Me Anime is recommending you anime food. Enjoy this gallery of the most fantastic-looking dishes to ever grace your screen in 2D.

Stay hungry, friends.

Feeling those grumbles in your tummy? While the real deal of these recipes will never look even a fraction as good, but you can at least enjoy the taste.  If you want to bring your favorite anime food to life, try giving the recipes a try. They can be found all around the web, but more specifically at Itadakimasu Anime, the anime food blog.