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how to watch gundam in order

Lists, Mecha

Want to Get Into Gundam? – How to Watch Every Gundam in Order

most convincing anime traps


Top 20 Convincing Trap Characters in Anime

most hated anime characters


Enemies of Humanity – 20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

Ecchi, Lists

15 Fan Service Anime Series That Aren’t Complete Crap

anime about people working


20 Anime Recommendations About Work Life

why do main characters sit by the window


“Why the Main Character Always Sits By The Window?” and Other Pressing Anime Questions

8 spring 2017 anime to watch this summer


8 Spring 2017 Anime Series to Watch This Summer

anime weapons that are too damn big


12 Anime Weapons that are Too Damn Big

anime where two people are forced to live together

Lists, Romance

20 Romance Anime Series Where a Boy and a Girl Must Live Together

anime survival games

Horror, Lists

13 of the Most Brutal Games of Survival in Anime

top stylish anime series


13 Anime Recommendations for Those Who Crave Stylish Animation

anime about cute girls doign criminal things


20 Anime Series About Cute Girls Doing Criminal Things

cute girls doing cute things anime recommendations


20 Anime Recommendations About Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

best sites to find free anime wallpapers


Where to Find the Best Anime Wallpapers (for Free!)

anime detective recommendations


In Pursuit of Gumshoes – Top 20 Detective Anime Recommendations

anime where the main character has a secret


18 Anime Series Where the Main Character Has a Secret to Hide

japanese history as shown in anime


6 Eras of Japanese History as Seen Through Anime

best anime scars


Scored Flesh – 20 Anime Badasses with the Best Scars

20 dragon characters in anime


Fierce and Fiery – 20 Awesome Dragon Characters in Anime

anime series about food


For Foodies Only – 20 Mouth-Watering Anime About Food

anime with the longest title


12 Anime Series With Long Titles That Don’t Really Need to Be That Long

Doma Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-Chan


Imouto Fever – 18 Show-Stealing Little Sisters

2017 winter season anime to watch this spring


6 Winter Season 2017 Anime Series to Watch This Spring

anime in one sentence


52 Anime Series Described in One Sentence

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