Where to Find the Best Anime Wallpapers (for Free!)

best sites to find free anime wallpapers

If you are visiting this site (on purpose), whether it is your first time or your fiftieth, chances are that you have looked for anime wallpapers. This could be for your desktop or in order to have your waifu as the background on your phone. Typically, the easiest way to find them is to do a simple image search through Google, and yes, that turns up mostly great results, but it will never show you everything.

Most often, the wallpapers on Google Images are the most popular ones, the ones that everyone has seen. However, if you want something unique, or even better, high quality, you need to know where to look. So, if you are looking, where do you go to find the best free anime wallpapers that also don’t require you to log in? Well, there are a couple places.

Konachan /

Konachan is a great place for anime wallpapers, especially if you don’t mind a few wallpapers of a more perverted nature (so, sometimes NSFW). However, while it has high quality wallpapers, they don’t put on emphasis on them. Alternatively, is almost exclusively about HQ images, but they aren’t always wallpapers. However, as there is no just general sections or browsing, so you have to have an idea of the series or character you are looking for on both sites.


Danbooru is another site that is a lot like Konachan right down to the site design, but this one is really NSFW. Despite that, there are actually some really nice images hidden amongst all the lewd ones. However, many of them can be found elsewhere that features less of a need for shoulder checks when browsing.


This is my personal favorite for anime wallpapers because it often has the biggest variety of different wallpapers, and not the same ones you see everywhere. Furthermore, many of them are high quality and high resolution images that are good for larger screens. However, all that being said, never click to the homepage without adblocker, it has a real pop-up problem, thus why the above links to the Berserk page. Use the search function and you will be golden.


If you like your images to be high quality scans right from artbooks and the like, then this is the site for you. Often they are of wallpaper shape and size, so it works out. However, you won’t find much, if any, in the way of fanart, which may be a plus in itself.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is…a hit or miss when it comes to wallpaper. You have some really good artists and graphic artists that can make great wallpapers, and some really crappy ones that are still learners. You will often have to sift quite a bit to get to the good stuff, but that good stuff is always pretty unique.


Honestly, Shuushuu is better for mobile anime wallpapers and avatars more so than desktop wallpapers. Every so often you will find a nice image of the correct proportions, but not always. However, you can take the great images you find and take them to our next anime wallpaper recommendation site.


Good ol’ Reddit, it solves all problems. While you can browse r/AnimeWallpapers to try and find something cool, most of the time the front page is dominated with currently airing series. For example, when I visited, it was 60 percent Sagiri from Eromanga-sensei. However, the real benefit that r/AnimeWallpapers has is that you can make requests. You can post an image that isn’t the right proportion for your desktop, ask the community to make it a wallpaper, and sometimes get a response. Typically, if you don’t get a bite is because it would take too much work or you didn’t follow the posting rules.


This is just your typical desktop wallpaper site, but it does have an anime section. While you can search characters or series, you likely won’t get many hits since the tags on most of the wallpapers are more generic. If you just want to browse or browse by resolution, this is a great option since it also features a lot of great anime scenery as well.

/w/ – 4chan

You don’t need to visit some of the more dubious or sexy sections of 4chan if you don’t want to, but /w/ is still a good choice for anime wallpapers. You can browse the recent threads or scan their catalog to find past image threads. Typically they label the threads well per series or character so you get nice accurate search results.

If you have any more viable, free, and no login required anime wallpaper sites that might be a good resource for anime fans, let us know in the comments section below.


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