We all have those random questions about certain tropes that happen in anime more so than in other types of media. Really there is no way to get those questions answered other than picking up your internet connected device and Googling it, but that seems like so much work. Instead, maybe we can help you answer a few of your more pressing questions. Now then, let’s start, as all great things start, with the titular question.

Why the Main Character of an Anime Sits by the Window, Near the Back?

main characters sit by the window

The answer is clearly because it is the coolest place to sit, of course. Actually, while that is not completely untrue, the answer is actually because it is much easier to draw and animated. When you only have to drawn one desk and character, and maybe the random jerk sitting in front of them, then that is a lot less work than having to drawn half the class for your main character that sits in the middle of the room. As for why it has to be by the window, well, windows are easy to draw too and provide the perfect venue for self reflection, inner monologues, and watching your PE teacher get eaten by zombies at the front gate.

Why Do Anime Characters Have Brightly Colored Hair?

bright colored anime hair

Some might say that by featuring anime characters with wildly colored hair, it adds an even further element of fantasy to the series so anything incredibly violent or untoward won’t be censored or removed because it is clearly happening in a fantasy universe. Others might say that anime characters have colorful hair as a form of symbolism, and this is usually proven to be true as well. Having a fiery red haired tsundere or yandere is terrifying, but you knew what you were in for as soon as you saw that hair.

Why Aren’t Anime Characters Drawn More Japanese?

anime handsome

Consider this: If you drawn a stick figure, what race do you assume it to be? When it comes to drawings, if there are no common characteristics to suggest otherwise, like that of a stick figure, you will assume it is your race. When Japanese artists and animators are drawing characters, they don’t see westerners like we see in anime characters, to them, the default is Japanese so they see Japanese characters. Wide eyes and fluffy hair are considered aesthetically pleasing, so they use them. It doesn’t mean they are westerners. To a Japanese artist, those characters are just very pretty or handsome Japanese characters.

Why is Incest Such a Huge Topic in Anime?

oreimo siscon

While now incest in Japan is demonized, culturally they were not always so against it. In fact, Japan’s origin myth is about two brother and sister gods (Izanagi and Izanami) who through sexual union brought about Japan. In the past, they often wed within families to create dynasties right up until the 20th century, and it has actually led to a few genetic problems in Japanese people to this day.

However, while incest isn’t quite so clucked at in Japan as by the Christian-influenced west, people don’t talk about it, especially not after Western influence became prevalent in the country. This has made it taboo and thus made it into one of the largest hentai fetishes around.

So why incest is usually so frequently wielded? It is because it gets the eyeballs on the anime. Incest is taboo. People like taboo. They know that a taboo subject is rife with emotional drama. People also really like drama. The fact that Oreimo and other series are making the little sisters so cute and the shows so pleasant to watch is just making it more okay to admit that you watched an anime about a budding relationship between a brother and sister.

Why are All Anime Parents Dead?

anime dead parents

You know what they say, parents are just there to give birth to you and die, right? In anime, it is so right. Why are so many anime mothers, fathers, or both parents dead in the many different series? For great plot justice! They need to be dead. It creates a wound in the character that needs to be stitched and soothed by someone or another event in the show. Even if the character is surprisingly over it, even then it allows the freedom to go to Shinjuku at night and beat up Yakuza.

Yes, anime parents are dead strictly for plot purposes most of the time. Sometimes it is for empathy purposes as well. For drama, too? Of course! It is a shame more anime series don’t focus on the parents instead of their jerk children.

Why are Main Characters Such Voracious Eaters?

anime eat off

In most cases, big eaters are just one more comedy gag to utilize in order to wedge some cheap laughes into a show. However, in certain shows like Dragonball Z, for example, it makes sense that the main characters would eat a lot. Food is energy, and they literally fire balls of energy from their hands while fighting and use that energy to fly. Maybe the reason Krillen and Yamcha are so weak is because they have such modest appetites.

Why Do Most Anime Series Follow High School Aged Kids?

high school anime

YOUTH, GLORIOUS YOUTH! No, really. The reason there aren’t as many shows following older people and even less shows following old people is because it is boring. The young have more energy, more adventures, more drama, and in Japan, after high school you are on the fast track to being another boring salary man / office lady.

True to life, the adventures of anime characters really slow down after their 20’s. I mean, you don’t close down the bar too often when you are 32, man.

Why Aren’t More Races Represented in Anime?

anime races

More modern anime series are embracing other races besides Japanese, the occasional Caucasian foreigner, and the much rarer somewhat offensively drawn person of African descent. However, for the most part, there isn’t much diversity in the skin tone department, but what you need to understand is that Japan was an isolationist country for a long time. While other countries were becoming a melting pot either via presenting new opportunities or imperial colonialism, Japan was just hanging out and refining their culture.

Today many different cultures visit Japan, but still 99% of the people that live there are Japanese or Asian, so that is what is represented by the characters in anime. However, you will find that the appearance of other races in anime is growing all the time.

Any more to add? Any more gnawing questions you need answered? Let us know in the comments section below and we will try out best to answer them.