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code geass

Action, Mecha, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Code Geass


Lists, Romance

The 17 of the Most Disturbing Relationships in Anime

fma brotherhood anime


Anime Series Like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

3d animation in anime


7 Anime Series With Good 3D Animation

food wars anime

Action, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Food Wars!

anime classics


Anime Fundamentals – 13 Classic Anime Series That Every Fan Should Have Under Their Belt

Pokemon anime


Anime Series Like Pokemon

post apocalypse anime


Top 20 Anime Recommendations Set in the Post-Apocalypse

flcl anime

Comedy, Mecha

Anime Series Like FLCL

anime series to cheer you up

Lists, Romance, Slice of Life

12 Anime Series to Cheer You Up When You Are Feeling Down

your lie in april anime

Romance, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Your Lie in April

anime series with wasted potential


22 Anime Series That Totally Wasted Their Tremendous Potential

tokyo ghoul anime

Action, Horror, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Tokyo Ghoul

just an anime


Top 14 Things Anime Fans are Sick of Hearing

himouto umaru chan anime

Comedy, Slice of Life

Anime Series Like Himouto! Umaru-Chan

american characters in anime


A Hilarious Look at American Characters in Anime

parasyte anime

Action, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Parasyte

haruhi dance


The 13 Most Addicting Anime Dances You Can Watch All Day Long

neon genesis evangelion anime

Action, Mecha, Psychological

Anime Series Like Neon Genesis Evangelion

top 20 most perverted anime

Ecchi, Lists, Romance

The Top 20 Most Perverted Anime Series to Never Watch With Friends

attack on titan anime


Anime Series Like Attack on Titan

where to legally watch anime


15 Places to Legally Stream Anime Around the World

rezero anime

Action, Supernatural

Anime Series Like Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

anime competition


Ready for a Marathon Binge? – The 9 Longest Running Anime Series

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