I know, why can’t the world be perfect? Why can’t we enjoy anime, manga, western comics, and super hero movies? Why can’t we use Apple and Android products? Why can’t we love Xbox and Ouya?

Technically we can, but only if we keep our love for Ouya and anime secret from all the “normies” that like Xbox and comics. Or, alternatively, keep our love of super hero movies secret from the otaku elitists. Regardless, even though a lot of anime has gained the medium attention from a broader audience, a lot of non-anime fans still think anime is all tentacle rape and bouncy chest meat. Of course, some series aren’t really helping the cause. They know who they are.

Anyway, no matter whether you are pushing 40 or just got into anime, you’ll already be sick of hearing these things from non-anime fans.

“Anime? You mean, Japanese cartoons?”

anime violence

I think anime fans eventually have to concede and admit that, yes, they are technically cartoons. They just explore more adult themes and complex, coherent storylines.

“Aren’t you too old to be watching cartoons?”

too old to like anime

Go back to watching your Adventure Time or Rick and Morty.

“Do you even understand what they are saying?”

bananas have no memories

You can clearly say see the subtitles. Unless we are talking about Steins;Gate, then no. No, we can’t.

“How can you watch something in a different language all the time?”

anime cute

Is it so wrong to want to see beyond your own language barrier? Or strengthen your own reading skills.

“All anime is porn, right?”

anime pervy

It is awkward when they walk in on scenes that make them see that way, of which, there are many.

“Anime fans are obsessed with gore.”

anime blood

It relaxes us after the latest Game of Thrones.

“Anime fans are such no lifers.”

anime neet

Usually no more than people who binge watch on Netflix. Typically, we just stay to people we have common interests with, like most people do.

“Anime fans are all obsessed with Japan.”

anime in japan

Not so much “obsessed,” as we are “interested”. It’s an interesting place with a unique culture shaped over years of isolation from other cultures. What’s not to find interesting?

“Anime fans are all anti-social losers.”

anime problems

Now you are just being hurtful, and generalizing. Some anime fans like to spend time alone, some anime fans like to play sports and go to parties. Both anime fans are perfectly fine people, great people, even.

“Your anime friends are weird.”

anime fans are weird

Not…Completely untrue. We all know that one anime fan that showed up to school in full cosplay and made us cringe so hard our skull caved in a bit. Some anime fans use common sense to avoid altercations, other just want to be themselves, which involves being a character. Different strokes for different folks.

“Why are you crying?”

anime crying

Because…Otonashi….H-he was almost there! They were right there, man!

It’s okay to cry, guys.

“This looks awfully manly / girly.”

manly men in anime

You enjoy what you enjoy and don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be enjoying it.

“These look nothing like real people.”

anime wall slam

Nor are they supposed to in many cases. If they wanted them to look like real people, it would have been made into a live action show. Real people can’t do half the shit an animated character can. I’d like to see a real person juggle a harem full of problems.

“Can you draw me as an anime character?”


Why does everyone assume that people who are into anime are good artists? Many are, yes, but many aren’t. It’s weird how much the question comes up.

“Shouldn’t you be doing something more productive with your time?”

anime being productive

One could say the same to those watching four seasons of Orange is the New Black after they get back from their daily commitments. Why does it matter what you watch when everyone watches non-documentary TV anyway?