Ah, youth~ Kids these days don’t know how good they have it in school until they are no longer in it and have to worry about keeping the lights on and keeping up with their crippling anime habit. However, no matter what age you are, let’s get nostalgic about school. Well, nostalgic about anime schools anyway. While real school life is nowhere as fun as school life in these anime series, wouldn’t it be cool if some of these badass schools were real?

Assassination Classroom

Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom

The main bulk of the school in AssClass doesn’t seem very fun. It is highly competitive and the classes are more college-level than those of the junior high that it actually is. However, if you do well you not only have a good track for your life, but you get a bunch of perks. However, even if you are a burnout, you get to enjoy small class lessons up in a relaxing mountain classroom where you may or may not be trained as an assassin to kill your teacher, so there’s that.

Food Wars

food wars anime

You have to respect schools that are specifically oriented towards a dedicated career path in life. If you are into cooking, food science, or just food in general, there would be no better place to learn than this school. Unfortunately, it is also very competitive, but even the students who hang on by just a thread probably have a pretty decent career in front of them.

Soul Eater


Not human? No problem! Just train to be a Shinigami under the Grim Reaper himself. You get your own personal buddy to go train and fight with outside of lessons, so you are guaranteed some friend. Who needs to know mathematics when you could just go collect some evil souls, right? Also, the school is pretty much entirely made up of weird people, so no need to try and hide your quirks.

Kill la Kill

kill la kill anime

If you want to climb the ladder in a competitive anime school, there is probably no finer place to do so than in this one. While your ranking dictates how comfortably you live, if you do well, you also live well. Now that’s motivation. Not to mention if you get up all the way to student council rank, you can pretty much be a villain if you want to. Who doesn’t want to be a villain?

Accel World

Accel World anime

The world of Accel World, not just the school, is a pretty interested place. Essentially, it is a world deeply linked to augmented reality and that is no different in school. However, if you are lucky enough, you can actually accelerate your cognitive abilities and become something close to a god.

Blue Exorcist

blue exorcist season 2

The school in Blue Exorcist is part-normal school, part-exorcist cram school. This means you can fit in a bit of book learning, and then go learn how to be a badass that fights demons. It probably means a hard and dangerous adult life, but what kid doesn’t dream of learning to fight?

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club anime

This one is probably a little better for the ladies than it is for the men. Ouran Academy is a rich and prestigious school for the elite, which in and of itself comes with a lot of perks. However, for the people that know how to find it, there is a wonderful host club in this school where the most beautiful male creatures cater to the whims of their female guests.

Cromartie High School

If you’re going to live the thug life, you mind as well life the thug life to the fullest by going to an all-thug high school. Lots of fights, manly moments, and ripe with the odorous smell of testosterone always. Of course, there’s a lot of weirdness that goes on in this school, too. If you got the chops to survive, it’d be fun to watch it all go down at very least.

Angel Beats

angel beats anime

Not living anymore? Wasted youth? No problem! If your fragile little heart is too damaged because you wasted your school days, you get to… Go to school after you die. Sounds more like hell, but not at this school. In the worst case you can just blow off classes and hang out with a bunch of rebels against God, playing strange war games. Don’t worry if you get a bit dead, though, you’ll come back eventually. It’s a good time to take some risks and have fun so you can eventually pass on.


As another competitive school, you can only get into this one if you have a special talent that is better than everyone else. It might be something useful or rather lame like just being super lucky. However, if you do get in, your life is pretty much on a top-tier path. Unfortunately, there is a small chance someone will go insane and lock you in the school to play a murder game with the rest of your class.

My Hero Academia

anime series like my hero academia

Everyone dreams of being a hero some day, and UA Academy is the place you go to achieve those dreams. If you have a quirk good enough, or even know how to put your quirk to work good enough, you have a shot of getting into this top superhero school. Not only is your sports festival a nationally televised event, but you get taught by some of the best heroes in the world as well. Now that’s a quality education.

School Rumble


At a glimpse, the school here is nothing but normal. However, under the surface, there are a lot of strange events that happen here, typically caused by the strange individuals that go here. They are comical to watch, certainly. However, you should probably not hope for a happy ending when it comes to young love, theirs is a lot of one-sided relationships that go on here.

Pet Girl of Sakura Hall

pet girl of sakura hall anime

This school presents a highly specialized curriculum that is aimed at preparing you for your specified career path. As an art school, you will find a lot of creative types here. As such, it is bound to have more than a few creative adventures. However, even if you are a misfit, you are bound for a good school life in the reject dorms.

Baka and Test

baka and test anime

There are many unique things about the academy in Baka and Test. First, the classes are ranked from A to F, best to worst, based on test scores. However, their tests basically have infinite questions. The more you can answer correctly, the better you score and the better class you can get in. Doing well gets you lavish facilities, but doing poorly, well, you know. However, your lot in school can also be better by fighting using your summoned being. Unfortunately, it is only as strong as your last test score.


nichijou anime

Like random? The school in Nichijou has random in spades. To think it claims it is an ordinary school. There is nothing ordinary about this one with random weirdness happening almost every hour. It would probably be pretty hard to get some learning done though.

What anime school would you like to attend if you could? Tell us in the comments below.