Top 20 Dandere Girls in Anime


Their voices are as soft as a whisper, they blush at just a glance, but deep down, they have a lot of love to give – they are dandere. Unlike tsundere or yandere, danderes are in no way murderous. Many often agree that their timid, but sweet nature makes them the best waifus of all anime women. Always caring and occasionally with some unique hidden talents kept secret due to their sheer humbleness, danderes are the sweetest of the –dere breeds.

20 – Shihoru from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Shihoru is one of the newer dandere girls on the market. In Grimgar, she plays the mage of their little party of weak, rejected misfits. Unfortunately, as a mage, her timid demeanor gets in the way of her actually helping people fight. However, as the series goes on she gains more confidence in magic and becomes more helpful.

19 – Anri Sonohara from Durarara!


Durarara has a lot of characters, so naturally one dandere is tucked in with them. However, Anri comes off as a dandere initially, but her situation is far more complicated, what with a demon sword possessing her body and all. It is something that can make her quiet demeanor change to something else quite rapidly.

18 – Izumi Sakurai from Nichijou


Izumi is the teacher in Nichijou. She tries to play strict in order to become a good role model for her students, but her shyness often gets the better of her. While she tries to speak her mind and be authoritative, her clumsy habit of choosing the wrong words completely disarms her.

17 – Hotaru Ichijou from Non Non Biyori


Hotaru is actually a bit of a dere hybrid. She can be as cold as a kuudere and her obsession with Komari can bring out a little yandere in her. However, she is still, at heart, that awkward transfer student and it it is her friendships that allowed all her other sides to come out.

16 – Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star


Tsukasa is the natural dandere counter to her twin Kagami’s tsundere personality. While Tsukasa is sweet, klutzy, and caring, she is ultimately someone that needs to be taken care of by a stronger personality so as to not get taken advantage of.

15 – Nodaka Miyazaki from Mahou Sensei Negima!


Nodaka is a rare breed of dandere. With a crush on her teacher, she managed to somewhat overcome her shyness and confess to him. Although shot down, she still persisted in her love. As you might not know, a girl in love can overcome anything.

14 – Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish


It is Tsukimi’s unique mix of jellyfish obsession and fear of stylish people that makes her such an interesting character. She is sweet and simple under an exterior of your average female nerd, and probably the closest thing to a real life dandere because she just can’t comprehend how great she actually is due to dismal self-esteem.

13 – Yukika Amami from My Love Story!


Yukika is a dandere girl in love. Unfortunately, it is not just her timid nature that prevents her from confessing it, but it is also because she is in love with a guy way above her pay grade. To the surprise of My Love Story audiences, when Yukika did get up the courage to confess, they broke the trope and had her get shot down.

12 – Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower


Sunako isn’t your typical dandere trope. Yes, she is quiet and sweet, but she is also a huge weirdo. With a passion for horror movies and the macabre, she separates herself from the beautiful world to dwell in darkness. However, that didn’t taint the caring girl that is inside, it just warped her a little.

11 – Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari


Nadeko is a shy and quiet girl who has the desirable trait of being easily amused. Although she speaks very little, she has a soft voice that highly compliments her dandere traits. While she doesn’t talk much, she does let a series of lovey-dovey moments between her and Araragi play out in her head, even after he hooks up with someone else.

10 – Ito Hikiotani from Punch Line


Ito prefers to be alone. She avoids going out and doesn’t like to be around a lot of people, but at heart, this hikkikomori is a sweet girl. She lives in her room with a pet bear cub that later turns out to be the catalyst between her and other people. As it turns out, she does like being around her apartment fellows, but her shyness gets in the way.

9 – Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Mikuru is the ultimate dandere girl. She hits all the tropes like being shy, easily embarrassed, clumsy, and naïve. However, because she is the ultimate stereotype, this often involves her being harassed by some of the stronger personality types in the series.

8 – Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi


Kosaki is one of the many girls in the harem of Raku Ichijou, which is an unfortunate situation for a dandere. While the other girls actively vie for his affections, Kosaki is content to just be by his side and talking to him. Typically she is too timid to put herself into the game and thus her affections go unnoted.

7 – Shiori Shinomiya from The World God Only Knows


As she has trouble speaking and most often keeps her thoughts to herself, Shiori is one of those dandere types that ends up with no friends. Because of this, she escapes from reality into various books. While her shyness made her hard for Keima to initially talk to, her lack of friends also made her eager to talk to him.

6 – Shiraishi Urara from Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches


Shiraishi is dangerously close to being a kuudere. She is beautiful and a model student, thus earning the affection of teachers, but doesn’t talk much. It is not that she is shy, but rather it is because of a bad past that she doesn’t connect with others. However, when she is around her friends, her caring dandere nature really comes out.

5 – Hina Kubota from Barakamon


Although Hina is way too young to rightly be considered as a waifu, she has the dandere attitude to make an excellent one. She is so timid that in Barakamon it is almost used as a parody of this type of character. Honestly, if she isn’t hiding behind Naru, she is crying her eyes out over some such thing.

4 – Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto


Hinata was likely the dandere that introduced your to danderes. She is so timid that it often gets in the way of her combat potential, thus despite being born into a prestigious combat family, she squanders her potential. However, despite this, she quietly watches her crush, Naruto, from a distance. And you know what? She gets him. That’s right Sakura fans, suck it! Who says that danderes never win?

3 – Shiina Mashiro from Pet Girl of Sakura Hall


At a glance, you might confuse Shiina for a kuudere, but as cold as she seems, she actually cares a whole lot about the people in her life. However, that caring comes with a huge lack of care for herself. Naturally, this makes her the perfect girl for the male protagonist in the series who has a problem with caring too much.

2 – Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi Ni Todoke


Sawako from Kimi No Todoke is a lot like Sunako from a little lower on our list. If you removed Sunako’s oddness, you’d have Sawako. She is a girl that is shy and sweet, but her classmates mistake it for malicious behavior. This has prevented her from making friends at school, but she still tries her very best.

1 – Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad


Who is our favorite dandere girl in anime? It’s Nagisa! Clannad actually has a few dandere types within, but while Kotomi and Ryou are great girls, there is no one quite like Nagisa. No matter what lot she has in life, whether it is eating lunch alone or trying to jumpstart the drama club, she does her best to get through it. Sometimes she needs a little push to get things done, but with the right support system, she can conquer the world with cuteness.

Did we miss you favorite dandere girl in anime? Tell us about her in the comments section below.

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