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Last time, we ranked the top 20 tsundere girls, but you didn’t think we would let all those tsundere boys out there off the hook? While typically we apply the tsundere term to girls in anime, it is not gender-specific. There are plenty of boys in anime that will blush and call you a baka too. Some might say, too many boys with this specific set of traits.

20 – Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

ed tsundere

Short for his age, Edward Elric is sensitive about his height, but otherwise fairly composed. While he puts on a tough front to many of his peers, he has a soft side that he shows to his brother and a few others throughout the series. However, because his tsun tsun side isn’t really all that tsun tsun, he gets a spot at the bottom of our list.

19 – Kei Takishima from Special A

kei tsundere

Kei Takashima operates on the grade school level of “if you like a girl, be mean to her”. However, he is not really mean, he just demeans her for being second best to him constantly then follows it up with a lot of obviously nice gestures. That aside, others can see how much her loves her while Hikari may just be as dense as bread to it.

18 – Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny

barnaby tsundere

Stoic and cool, Barnaby doesn’t needlessly rush off into a fight. In fact, he only used to act to gain fame and hero points. However, after being paired with the rash Kotetsu, Barnaby’s cold heart begins to melt and we see him begin to show his affection to others. He is like the ice cream cone of male tsunderes.

17 – Nezumi from No. 6

nezumi tsundere

Nezumi is portrayed as a criminal at the beginning of the series, and while rude and straight forward, as things progress, we see that the hatred he wears so on his sleeve was fostered by a series of injustices levied against him. However, he does show a particularly soft side, if only because of his personal honor.

16 – Kyuubi from Naruto

kyuubi tsundere

That’s right. I said it. A good deal of the time that he saves or lends his chakra to Naruto, it is because he doesn’t want someone else killing him. He wants to do it. Add some cheek blush and it is obvious tsundere affection.

15 – Ishida Yamato (Matt) from Digimon

matt tsundere

As demonstrated in the recent Digimon Tri, Matt and Tai clash not just because of a difference in ideals (and a fun love triangle), but because Matt and his tsundereness makes it difficult to express himself. In fact, out of all the Digi-Destined, Matt has the most difficult time expressing his friendship and love for others, even to his own brother.

14 – Sei Handa from Barakamon

handa tsundere

Handa is a man that is easily irked, as proven by the event that exiled him to the Goto Islands in the first place. On top of that, he is stubborn and often secludes himself from others. However, after endless pestering by neighborhood children, he begins to relax and open up a bit, even showing a softer, more pleasant side.

13 – Emiya Shirou from Fate / Stay Night

emiya shirou tsundere

There is only one way of countering the extreme tsundereness of Tohsaka Rin, and that is by having a male lead that has nearly the same amount of tsundere in him. Of course, the level of Emiya Shirou’s tsundere varies on which path the Fate/Stay series is telling at the time.

12 – England from Hetalia: Axis Powers



I wonder if it was meant for England to come out as a tsundere or if it was just a happy accident? Regardless, England was a violent youth and later became a reformed pirate. While close with America, after raising him, he maintains a bad relationship with France due the constant torment he had to endure from France. While stubborn with a sharp tongue and a potty mouth, he’s not actually a bad person.

11 – Killua from Hunter x Hunter

killua tsundere

Killua is kind of like a reverse tsundere. He is cheerful and kind for the most part, but when Gon praises him or teases their friendship with each other, that is when Killua’s harsh side comes out. He gets very defensive about it.

10 – Kyouya Sata from Wolf Girl and Black Prince

sata tsundere

Sata is a pretty standard tsundere man except that his has a fantastic talent for showing others fake dere dere with his “Prince Charming” routine. However, while he treats Erika pretty badly, there is some good in there. Unfortunately, he covers it up with insults pretty quickly after it is shown.

9 – Takumi Usui from Class President is a Maid!

usui tsundere

Usui is another standard tsundere boy, at least in the romance genre. Of course he is rich, handsome, and good at everything, but his personality is pretty rotten, at least that is what it seems. His rotten personality begins to melt away throughout the series when he begins to open up to Misaki.

8 – Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

ciel tsundere

Although not prideful about it, Ciel is rich and from a noble family, but while he keeps his distance from others and remains aloof, this is often so he can work on his company. However, because he finds it hard to empathize with others, he often makes selfish decisions. Yet, he does show a soft side to people like his fiancée that he really cares about.

7 – Shinichi Chiaki from Nodame Cantabile

chiaki tsundere

While Chiaki is the rich, entitled musician prodigy typical of many other tsunderes, instead of a sweet girl falling for him, Nodame Cantabile focuses on him showing his dere dere side and falling for her. Highly critical of himself and with little interest in the music of others, we slowly watch him relax a little, enjoying music as it should be enjoyed.

6 – Hikari from A Lull in the Sea

hikari tsundere

Hikari is the son of the Chief Priest in Shioshishio and serves the Sea God. However, he has a hot temper than makes him clash with both land and sea beings. While he frequently scolds Manaka for her mistakes, he actually harbors pretty deep feelings for her. Later in the series after he learns the relationship between the land and sea people, he beings to adjust his attitude.

5 – Gareki from Karneval

gareki tsundere

As he grew up poor, Gareki has very little trust in people. However, he is highly intelligent and is good with machines. All of this is then wrapped up in a very arrogant attitude. However, Gareki also has a gentle and caring side, but as he sees it as a weakness and doesn’t want others to know about it.

4 – Kyo Souma from Fruits Basket

kyo tsundere

Stubborn, hot-headed, and easily provoked – Kyo is the perfect storm of tsundere behavior. While displaying his hot-headedness to his family, after Tooru admits that she admired the cat of the Zodiac, he begins to show her his soft side.

3 – Vegeta from Dragonball Z

vegeta tsundere

This is one tsundere man that doesn’t really need much explanation. He not only shows his tsundere tendencies to his family, but also to his rival Goku. In fact, he pretty much only saves Goku so that he can fight him. Unless you believe the theory that his tsundere attitude for Goku is just a cover for all the wild stuff that goes on in those doujinshi. You know the ones.

2 – Noaki Irie from Mischievous Kiss

noaki tsundere

A good deal of the plot in Mischievous Kiss depends of Noaki’s sheer tsundereness. The whole point of the series is that this cold, rude man strings along a girl that is in love with him until he is actually in love with her. Of course, even then, he is cold to her in order to generate more drama. Still, when it comes to Naoki, he is mostly tsun and very little dere.

1 – Inuyasha from Inuyasha

inuyasha tsundere

Some entries on this list can be kind of vaguely tsundere, but there is no question about it when it comes to Inuyasha. In fact, any male lead in a Rumiko Takahashi-written series has a fair bit of tsundereness to him.

Anyway, Inuyasha is as hot and as cold as you can get. Even later in the series when it is pretty obvious that he realized that he loves Kagome, he still finds it easier to cover up his feeling behind a rude shell. Yet, whenever his friends are in real trouble, he is all softness.

Did we skip your favorite male tsundere on the list? Tell us all about him in the comments section below.


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