They are sickly sweet to the object of their obsessive affection, but inside they are just sick. They would do anything to be with the one they love, like killing all their friends, their pets, their parents, and person they are obsessed with. They are yandere girls, and they are as lovable as they are terrifying.

Unlike last month’s tsundere girls that only took stabs at you with hurtful words and the occasional high kick, yandere girls in anime are a breed apart. If it meant they could be with you forever, they would cut their own ear off all Van Gogh style and give it to you in gift wrap.

20 – Ayase Aragaki from Oreimo


Throughout Oreimo, Ayase is the best friend of Kirino and has little love for her older brother. While the majority of the series has her firmly typecast into the tsundere role, throughout the second season we watch her drift over the line into yandere territory where her obsession with Kirino hints at violent tendencies when it comes to Kyousuke. However, because it is all just for comedic effect and she never acts on it, she sits firmly on the bottom of a longer, more violent list of ladies.

19 – Medusa from Soul Eater


Although only for a relatively short period of time, you get to see Medusa put on a sweet cover to mask the crazy inside. Unlike many yandere girls that are obsessive in love, Medusa is obsessive n hate, seeking to destroy Death City and doing horrible things to everyone, even her own son, in the process.

18 – Kaede Fuyou from Shuffle


Kaede is one of the older yandere girls out there. Some might even say the first one, but likely not. Kaede Fuyou in Shuffle did kick off a new archetype for harem anime creators to cling on to, though. Just give a girl some seriously dead eyes and a vaguely murderous aura and she is sure to be a hit.

17 – Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta


Anna is a relatively new among the ranks of yandere, but she made a big impression. At a glance, she is just another insane girl that gets jealous at the smallest things, but she goes a step beyond. Aside from stalking Tanukichi and threatening him with sharp objects, she also loves doing weird experiments on him, like trying to stick his bits in a vacuum cleaner and feeding him her “special” cookies.

16 – Mika Harima from Durarara!!


Mika is a stalker, and when you talk about yandere, or “lovesickness of the mind,” she pretty much fits the definition. She would smash anyone in her way, and that means even letting a mad doctor cut off her head so her guy will love her.

15 – Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari


By Monogatari standards, Nadeko used to be a normal girl, but then she fell in love. She fell so hard for Koyomi, but managed to keep the crazy in despite her admitted jealousy. Unfortunately, after a little provocation by Shinobu, she completely breaks. When she picked up the pieces, she became the first yandere deity in anime. So there’s that.

14 – Shion / Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi: When They Cry


Shion and Mion may seem like well-adjusted tsunderes, but when things take a turn for the insanely violent, as they always do in Higurashi, one of these twins is dangerously yandere complete with murder and cackling. Or is it both? Sometimes it is really confusing.

13 – Katsura Kotonoha from School Days


Anyone who has seen the end of School Days knows exactly what makes Katsura a yandere. Unfortunately, she ranks so low because, well, her yandere-ness literally came out of nowhere.

12 – Lucy from Elfen Lied


Lucy was probably the first yandere you were ever introduced to. However, due to discrimination and the military experiments during her upbringing, her love sickness is not actually love sickness at all. She acts very much on instinct, but that is enough to put her in this particular -dere category.

11 – Ryoko Asakura from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Time travellers, aliens, espers – you expected all of that in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but you probably didn’t expect a yandere. While Ryoko excels academically and physically, her main purpose is to observe Haruhi  and see how she reacts to particular situations. So when she wants to find something out, she is not above trying to kill Kyon to do it.

10 – Sekai Saionji from School Days


Unlike Kotonoha, throughout School Days you watch Sekai transform from silly love struck school girl to full-on violent psycho. While Kotonoha commits some serious brutality, the fact that you get to watch Sekai’s transformation makes her best girl.

9 – Misa Amane from Death Note


Misa-Misa is easily the chillest yandere you will ever see. She is not cackling like a crazy person, but rather being sweetly murderous and in love. She is obsessed with Light and willing to do anything to make his dream come true, even cut her own lifespan in half. She is even so very casual when it comes to talking about and killing anyone around them that might threaten his plans, especially other girls, even if it kind of throws a wrench into his plan by killing them in the first place.

8 – Hotogi Shirayuki from Aria the Scarlet Ammo


Like most yandere girls, Shirayuki looks perfect and beautiful on the outside, even to her obsession, Kinji. However, because she is so obsessively in love with Kinji, she is insanely jealous. Every time another girl gets near Kinji, she goes berserk and lets her psychotic kill instincts take over.

7 – Revy from Black Lagoon


Unlike your average yandere, Revy doesn’t wear her psychotic right on her sleeve. Instead, it is buried down under a layer of cool that made people fall in love with Black Lagoon. However, as cool as she is, let’s face it, she is a cold-blooded killer. Whether it is enjoying taking lives to murdering unarmed civilians, she does some seriously shady things.

6 – Nina Einstein from Code Geass


Most yandere girls pick knives as their weapon of choice to defend their beloved, but after an incident involving her beloved Princess Euphemia, Nina chooses nukes.

5 – Rena Ryuuguu from Higurashi: When They Cry


Rena starts off so cute that it hurts, but like a good yandere, there is a crazy violent girl in there that will haunt your nightmares. However, one could argue that Rena isn’t actually a true yandere so much as she becomes one due to supernatural circumstance.

4 – Megumi Shimizu from Shiki


Fork Yuuki Natsuno, there was nothing worse than his stalker country girl Megumi following him everywhere. Lucky for him, she died. Unluckily for him, she didn’t stay dead. What is worse than a obsessive stalker? An obsessive vampire stalker.

3 – Takami Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland


Takami is one of the most clever yandere’s out there. She’s not particularly lovesick so much as she is just crazy. However, she is crazy like a fox, or at least crazy enough to act sweet and innocent until she can murder everyone around her horribly. Of course, because she trusts no one and was turned crazy by past experiences, she can never be a true yandere because she loves no one.

2 – Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan


She may be your favorite Attack on Titan character (as well as the one with the best abs), but she is, by definition, a yandere. After being saved by Eren and his family, she is as obsessive and protective of him as a bulldog, putting herself into dangerous situations if it means saving his life.

1 – Yuno Gasai from Future Diary


If you have any experience with Future Diary, you already knew that Yuno would be number one. How could she not? She is famous for her nasty habit of trying to kill Yukiteru’s friends, family, and enemies alike. She even tries to keep him as a drugged up prisoner so that he won’t leave her. She’s crazy, but lovable … but also really kind of terrifying.

Did we miss any of your favorite yandere girls from anime on this list? Tell us all about those killer beauties in the comments section below.