The Holy Empire of Britannia has established itself as the dominant military nation, starting after their conquest of Japan, now named Area 11. Under Britannia’s tyranny, a number of resistance groups rose up to fight for their freedom.

Enter Lelouch Lamerouge, the exiled prince of Britannia who has been sent to live in Japan. One day, after finding himself caught in the crossfire in a battle between Britannia and insurgents, Lelouch is able to escape with his life after meeting C.C., a mysterious girl who grants him the power of absolute obedience.

Code Geass is a classic anime, in its day turning the tired mecha genre on its head. Since then few other anime series have been able to capture its originality, but they sure have tried to capture some of the success of Code Geass. For those looking to capture some of the same enjoyment, give these anime recommendations a try.

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For Fans of Moves and Counter Moves

death note anime

Death Note

High school student and genius prodigy Light Yagami has grown bored with the world as it is. However, one day he finds a notebook laying on the ground, a Death Note used by shinigami to kill any human whose name is written in it. Seeing its incredible potential, Light decides it is his duty to extinguish all criminals and become this world’s new god.

Death Note is likely the first recommendation people will throw out for Code Geass. Not only is each show like watching a game of chess or a massive game of cat and mouse, but Lelouch and Light are pretty much the same character. Initially, they start off with noble motives only to get darker and darker as things go on.

gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

After the world depleted its stores of fossil fuels, it led to an energy crisis like no other. After the world switched to solar power, the countries that once depended on the sale of fossil fuels plunged into poverty, and thus warfare. From this strife rose a military group called the Celestial Beings, who aspired to end all war through intervention with their powerful Gundam mobile suits. This is their story.

Naturally, Gundam is famous for its flashy battles, ample mech action, and intricate political intrigue. In terms of quality, 00 presents the best story. Like in Code Geass, 00 also features several actions that have quite severe consequences throughout the series. So if you like cause and effect, this is a great Gundam to get into.

aldnoah animeAldnoah.Zero

Upon the discovery of a hypergate on the moon that could teleport humans to Mars, humanity became split. After years of warfare, an uneasy peace was forged between Martians and Terrans until the Martian princess was assassinated on Earth. Inaho Kaizuka, a high schooler who witnessed the assassination, suddenly finds himself pulled into this interplanetary conflict.

Both series deal with more tactics than actual battle as well political and military conflicts between nations. Aldnoah does it a little less gracefully than Code Geass, but both main protagonists used their intellect to form strategy while other characters actually fight the battles.

For Fans of Fans of Boys with Special Powers

guilty crown anime

Guilty Crown

After being ravaged by the Apocalypse Virus, Japan has fallen under control of the GHQ, an independent military force that pledged to restore order. However, a resistance group called Funeral Parlor has risen up to fight against their tyranny. During a crucial operation, Funeral Parlor member Inori Yuzuriha runs into the weak Shuu Ouma and through a twist of fate Shu ends up gaining the Power of Kings, a power that allows him to wield the manifestations of an individual’s personality as a weapon.

Code Geass and Guilty Crown both feature a character getting the “Power of Kings,” although it manifests itself in different ways. However, while both main characters also start off innocent enough, their own power and ideals slowly corrupt them throughout the series. Both series also feature Japanese trying to repel an outside force from their country as well.

big order animeBig Order

Ten years ago, Eiji Hoshimiya met a fairy that offered to grant his fondest wish. Afterwards, the world suffered the Great Destruction where everything collapsed and millions died. Fast forward to the present day and Eiji still doesn’t remember what he wished for, but people manifesting the power to grant their own wishes, called Orders, are out for his life.

While not having mechs, the similarity between Big Order and Code Geass lies in their main characters. In both series, the main character has the power to manipulate others, is intelligent, and wants to create a better world all for the sake of their sick little sister. One of the major themes in both anime series is also terrorism.

valvrave anime

Valvrave the Liberator

Humanity has expanded their reach far into the stars, with three primary nations vying for ultimate control. Valvrave follows Haruto Tokishima after his life is turned upside down by an invasion by a rival nation. To liberate his home, Haruto and his classmates are willing to sacrifice everything to protect their home.

Do you like really stylized mecha series that features a supernatural twist and a vaguely alternate history setting? Yes? Then Valvrave is an excellent series to follow up Code Geass with. Both main characters start off in a high school setting, but by one twist of fate or another they are given the tools to help them get their vengeance. Both series have great plot twists, good action, a little romance, and some comedy to make for a well-rounded choice of anime.

For Fans of Mech Drama

gundam seed anime

Gundam SEED

In the midst of a war between the OMNI and the ZAFT, OMNI citizen Kira Yamato attends a technical college on the neutral base of Heliopolis. However, when ZAFT soldiers invade to steal the OMNI’s new mobile suit technology, Kira finds himself forced to pilot the remaining suit to protect his friends, coincidentally running into his old friend Athrun Zala, a man who is now a ZAFT soldier.

While Gundam SEED has a good dose of action, it tends to be more on the talk-y, dramatic side. So if you liked all the almost excessive drama between Lelouch and his friend Suzaku, then the relationship between Kira and Athrun takes it to the extreme.

gurren lagann anime

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

Simon and Kamina were living boring lives in their deep underground village when, on an excavation dig, they find a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient war machine. With their new weapon, the pair are able to fend off an attack from above, but upon catching a glimpse of the sky, they set off on an adventure that will take them out of this universe.

Code Geass and Gurren Lagann are classic examples of mecha done right. Both universes feature both casualties and sacrifices that make the action have actual risk to it. However, while Gurren Lagann is less intelligent, the series keep you glued to the screen.

eureka seven animeEureka Seven

Renton Thurston hates his boring life in the backwater town of Bellforest. He wants nothing more than to have an adventure, but his grandfather insists he become a mechanic. However, one day adventure literally falls through his roof in the form of Eureka, the pilot of a Nirvash type Zero and member of mercenary group Gekkostate.

Both Eureka Seven and Code Geass took this tired genre and did something new with it to breath in new life. While Code Geass features more of a cold intellect, Eureka Seven features more of a philosophical intellect, all wrapped up in a light and colorful package. Both feature strongly developed characters and a solid plot to carry them through.

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