Earth and its space colonies are ruled over with an iron fist by the United Earth Sphere Alliance. When the colonies declare their opposition, their leader is assassinated. Now in possession of five powerful mobile Gundam suits, the colonies send pilots to Earth for vengeance. One pilot, who took the name of their slain leader Heero Yuy, is forced to crash in the ocean after a battle in the atmosphere. There he is unknowingly rescued by Relena Peacecraft, daughter of a peace-seeking politician. Together can they find an outlet to peace between these two warring parties?

Responsible for introducing people to Gundam and anime in the 90’s in general, Gundam Wing has a fond spot in many heart as their favorite Gundam. If you want more anime recommendations like Gundam Wing, check these out.

For Fans of Conflicting Countries

valvrave anime

Valvrave the Liberator

Humanity has expanded their reach far into the stars, with three primary nations vying for ultimate control. Valvrave follows Haruto Tokishima after his life is turned upside down by an invasion by a rival nation. To liberate his home, Haruto and his classmates are willing to sacrifice everything to protect their home.

Although Valvrave has more in common with other Gundam series, like most Gundam series, it is also about intergalactic war. However, Wing is more about the side invading at times than the side being invaded. While Valvraves has those similar heroic moments, political intrigues, and space battles, Gundam Wing has a few better non-battle laid back moments.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

In the neutral country of Gallia, they are known for its bountiful reverses of ragnite. However, when the Empire decides to invade in order seize the resource for itself, Welkin, the son of a former war hero, and the town watch of Bruhl rise up as Gallian militia group Squad 7 to defend their country.

The major difference here is Valkyria is not set in space, but more like a WWI setting. However, it is about war and the politics between two nations that lead up to it. While Wing has more hints of it, the romance in Valkyria is concrete and the characters are well represented in both happy and sad times.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

An 150-year-long stalemate between two countries is finally coming to and end with the rise of two new, idealistic leaders. The Galactic Empire sees military genius Reinhard von Lohengramm climb through the ranks with dreams of becoming the one true ruler while the Free Planets Alliance  is assisted in their autocratic troubles by historian Yang Wenli and his democratic ideals.

Both of these series are legendary space and mecha series. Really, if you are a fan of the genre, you should have them in your repertoire. Like Gundam Wing, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is all about epic space battles with a particularly heavy emphasis on politics, though it is presented in a way that doesn’t completely bore you to sleep either.

For Fans of Freedom Fighters

guilty crown anime

Guilty Crown

After being ravaged by the Apocalypse Virus, Japan has fallen under control of the GHQ, an independent military force dedicated to the restoration of order. However, a guerrilla group called Funeral Parlor seeks to put an end to their despotism. After a fateful run in with a key member of Funeral Parlor, weak and anti-social Shuu Ouma finds himself with a powerful new weapon, the ability to pull out manifestations of a person’s personality to wield as weapons. Now he must make use of it in order to free Japan once and for all.

Both Gundam Wing and Guilty Crown are about freedom fighters that fight against an overbearing faction that has kept them under their thumb. However, Guilty Crown takes more of tragic and dramatic approach to its stories. Of course, the major difference is that it uses more supernatural powers rather than mechs.

Schwarzesmarken anime


In this alternate timeline, 1980s East Germany is defended from extraterrestrial enemies by the Black Marks. This specialized unit uses unconventional tactics and highly advanced technology to defeat their foes. However, even outside of combat, this unit has its problems.

As well has having similar character stereotypes, Schwarzesmarken and Gundam Wing are both about two groups fighting for what they believe is right. However, Schwarzesmarken is more about protecting people most of the time. Both shows also make heavy use of propaganda in their world. While Gundam Wing has more mech battles, the suits in Schwarzesmarken are pretty close to mechs.

code geass anime

Code Geass

The Holy Empire of Britannia has established itself as the dominant military nation, starting after their conquest of Japan, now named Area 11. Under Britannia’s tyranny, a number of resistance groups rose up to fight for their freedom. Enter Lelouch Lamerouge, the exiled prince of Britannia who has been sent to live in Japan. One day, after finding himself caught in the crossfire in a battle between Britannia and insurgents, Lelouch is able to escape with his life after meeting C.C., a mysterious girl who grants him the power of absolute obedience.

You can’t bring up a mech series anymore without having this be an obligatory recommendation for it. However, while you can wedge this into any series with mechs, the combat, the setting of semi-terrorist/freedom fighters waging war against a crushing empire, and the detailed political scenes do connect it well with Gundam Wing.

For Fans of Well-Written Characters

escaflowne anime


During a twist of fate, Hitomi Kanzaki witnesses a boy named Van fall from the sky and kill a dragon. After he defeats it, they are both sucked into a pillar of light and Hitomi is taken to Van’s world where she finds out he is a prince and his kingdom is at war. After his kingdom falls, they both end up on the run as they try to take his kingdom back and get Hitomi home.

Both Escaflowne and Gundam Wing are considered quintessential 90’s anime and mecha classics. Not only are their mech battles interesting and well done for the time period, but they also possess well written characters that help carry the series. While both feature romance, it is more of a typical romance for the time where it is never fully realized.

Last Exile anime

Last Exile

Claus Valca, son of a famous vanship pilot, and his best friend and navigator Lavie work as couriers, flying the Grand Stream that separates the sky between two hostile nations. Each day is a struggle in this problematic area, but things are about to get much worse as they get a high-rated delivery to take an orphan girl named Alvis to a battleship, a task that puts them right in the path of conflict.

If you don’t need to have Gundams to have a good time, Last Exile and its plane-based sky travelling world is an excellent watch. While the series stays on Earth and is more planes and ships than mechs, it does tell an excellent tale about war with main characters that you can’t help but love.

Full Metal Panic anime

Full Metal Panic

Sousuke Sagara is a sergeant working for a military organization called Mithril that is responsible for eliminating all threats to Earth. His new assignment is to protect Kaname Chidori, a Whispered candidate, a group of people whose intuitive knowledge helps arm Mithril with weapons. However, in order to protect her, he needs to infiltrate her class, but growing up on the battlefield leaves him with little knowledge of normal life.

With a high school fighting sort of story setting, it is the characters and action in Full Metal Panic that carry the series, not completely unlike Gundam Wing. Most people stuck with both of these series not always so much for the plot, but the characters themselves.

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