Kyousuke has a smart, cute, and extremely bratty little sister that hates him. While they got along when they were young, recently that have grown apart. One day when he finds an anime DVD he doesn’t recognize in his house, he opens it only to discover eroge inside. Later, he finds out it belongs to his sister, a super secret otaku.

Although things get a little weird into the second season, Oreimo presented a fun romp through otaku culture. For those that can’t get enough, these anime recommendations will help fill the void.

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For Fans of Otakuness

lucky star anime

Lucky Star

Lucky Star follows the average, but surprisingly eventful lives of four high school girls, lead by the short and lazy otaku Konata Izumi. Throughout their hijinks they discuss humorous observations about the world around them, ranging from everything from otaku culture to the correct way of eating foods.

Naturally the biggest similarity is that both series are about an otaku girl and her friends. However, while Oreimo tends to be a bit more serious and dramatic at times, Lucky Star is much more laid back. Or rather, compared to Lucky Star’s lack of plot, Oreimo seems more serious, they are, in fact, both comedies.

the world only god knows anime

The World Only God Knows

Keima Katsuragi is known as the “God of Conquest,” a man that can conquer any girl’s heart, at least in his dating sim games. However, when Keima arrogantly accepts an offer to prove his dating sim supremacy, he finds himself at the mercy of a demon that forces him to woo over real life girls.

Both series feature a main character that is obsessed with gal games to the point where it becomes much of the plot. However, while Oreimo is about keeping it mostly a secret, The World Only Gods Knows is about airing it in the open.

watamote anime


Tomoko Kuroki is an expert dating sim player and avid fan of anime, but no slice of life game could prepare her for her biggest challenge – high school. As a budding hikikomori, Tomoko must overcome her anxiety and social awkwardness in order to navigate normal life.

Like Kirino in Oreimo, Tomoko in Watamote is obsessed with dating sims. However, she doesn’t really keep her hobby a secret, instead she tries to use dating sims to better learn how to navigate the world. Essentially, Kirino is well-adjusted, and Tomoko is not.

genshiken anime


Sasahara Kanji is a college freshmen and hopes to join a club to share his secret thoughts about anime, manga, and gaming. While ardently believing he is not an otaku, he gets utterly humbled by a member of the society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, the club he wants to join. Will Kanji be able to accept his otakuness?

Both series are about how being an otaku is occasionally not so much a hobby as it is a way of life. Both main characters initially try to hide or reject their otaku feelings for fear of ridicule, but throughout both series they end up opening up more about it.

For Fans of Vague Attraction Between Siblings

kiss x sis anime

Kiss x Sis

After his father got remarried, Keita found himself with a new mother and two twin step-sisters. However, as the girls transitioned into teenagers, their brotherly love for Keita turned into something more.

While the majority of Oreimo is about sitting around playing eroge games with your sister and dating her friends, Kiss X Sis takes the brother / twin sister relationship to the next level with a lot of ecchi comedy.

myself yourself animeMyself; Yourself

Five years ago, Hidaka Sana moved to Tokyo with his parents, but now he has come back to his small village. However, a lot has changed over the years in both him and his childhood friends.

The drama and romance-fest that is Myself;Yourself focuses on a number of different dramatic side stories. While the main character doesn’t have a sister, two of his friends are twins and their relationship, like in Oreimo, plays with the line between completely innocent and something more.

sky of connection anime

Sky of Connection

Twins Haruka and Sora Kasugano are coming back to a town filled with memories for them. After their parents died in a horrible traffic accident, the twins want to start over peacefully at their grandfather’s house. However, it is their own suppressed memories and emotions that come back to haunt them.

Both series are about a relationship between a brother and sister. However, while Oreimo is a bit more laid back and indirect with the relationship, Sky of Connection goes there and ends up being really dramatic about it.

koi kaze anime

Koi Kaze

Saeki Koushirou has dreams of becoming a wedding planner, but his own love life is in shambles. After being dumped by his girlfriend, his desire for love is dulled, but again awakened by a chance encounter with a high school girl. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this girl is his sister whom he has not seen since his parents divorce, and she is coming to live with him and his father.

Unlike in Oreimo where the sibling relationship feels a little bit awkward, Koi Kaze can be surprisingly impactful. It handles this otherwise taboo relationship in a very mature way so that it doesn’t come off completely disturbing.

For Fans of Ladies with a Hidden Side

Love chunibyo and other delusions animeLove, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Everyone has that stage in their young adolescent life where they think they are special. For Yuuta Togashi, it manifested as him being the Dark Flame Master in middle school. Now that he is a high school student, he is trying to put his chunibyou self behind him, but Rikka, a girl in his class with a god sealed in her eye, is mysteriously drawn to him.

At a glance, the similarity between these two anime series is that someone wants to hide their nerdiness. In Chunibyou, it is the male protagonist, but actually there is a character in Chunibyou a lot more like Kirino, and that character is Shinka Nibutani. While not an otaku, she is a chunibyou and desperately tries to keep it a secret from her normal school friends to maintain her popularity.

haruka nogizakas secret anime

Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret

Hakujo Academy is a place for only the most elite students, and at the top of that ladder is the beautiful Haruka Nogizaka. Yuuta Ayase, like his other classmates, has the pleasure of enjoying Haruka from afar, but one fateful visit to the library brings her darkest secret to light – she is a huge otaku.

In both series, we follow a girl that tries to hide her extreme otakuness, but ends up getting discovered. In Oreimo, it is by her brother, in Nogizuka, it is by a classmate. From there, the male protagonist then tries to support her as she further explores the subculture.

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