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Anime Series Like Warlords of Sigrdrifa

When a mysterious entity know as the Pillars appeared above Earth, humanity was driven to the brink. Coming to the aid of humanity, the God Odin bequeathed them battle maidens known as Valkyries. With the ability to strike back, humanity supports these combat maidens as best they can.

This is a story you have seen before. Cute girls are the last hope of humanity and fight desperately for it. It’s nice that they didn’t go the heavy CGI route, but there’s really not a lot that stands out here. Regardless, if you want anime recommendations similar to Warlords of Sigrdrifa, then head on down below.

For Fans of Flying Warriors

Sky Girls

With the emergence of aliens called Worms, Earth’s fighting forces are decimated. Suddenly a mecha unit called Sonic Divers reappears. Now the mech and the three young girls that pilot it are the only home of humanity.

Certainly mecha isn’t the same as the planes in Sigrdrifa, but both series feature cute girls piloting heavy machinery in an effort to save the work. Sky Girls just has some more mecha tropes.

Strike Witches anime

Strike Witches

With the appearance of an alien race known as the Nueroi, earth was pushed to the brink. To combat this force, the Striker Units were developed. The young girls that equipped these weapons became known as Witches and are now humanities last line of defense. Strike Witches follows Yoshika Miyafuji who joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in order to become a Strike Witch.

If you thought the planes in Sigrdrifa obscured the cute girls too much, Strike Witches takes a less obscuring approach by making the girls into machines. Both shows fight aliens, but Strike Witches, to its credit, does have more fleshed out characters.

Vividread Operations

Akane Isshiki’s peaceful life is shattered when an unknown enemy called Alone appears. None of their weapons work against it, and humanity falls into despair. However, the appearance of those in special suits turn the tide of the assault.

Both series are based on the same concepts. An enemy arrives, nothing works against it, only a special weapon can be used to fight them. However, Vividread is more your standard mecha and has those older mecha plot threads to it.

For Fans of Aliens Versus Cute Girls

Azur Lane

With the appearance of an alien force called Sirens, the various nations of the world stood in solidarity, forming an alliance called Azur Lane. However, as that unity begins to fracture, there exists an experienced fighter called Grey Ghost who may just be the key to ending an endless conflict.

Both series mix fighting aliens with national conflict. If you enjoy your waifus in cute little uniforms and enjoy them fighting in a more militaristic way, then this is for you.

freezing anime


Kazuya Aoi is entering his first day of training to become a Limiter, a man that works together with female Pandoras to fight the deadly alien invaders called Nova. During this fateful first day, he mistakes the powerful “Untouchable Queen” Pandora as his dead sister only for her to end up taking him on as her Limiter.

While both series feature those training to fight an alien race, Freezing is a little more fantasy with its weapons tech compared to Sigrdrifa. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Freezing is pretty huge ecchi.


Under constant assault by an alien race called Noise, society doesn’t know that the idol duo Zwei Wing use their songs to charge powerful weapons known as Symphogear to fight back. After attack at a concert, part of the duo sacrifices themselves to save a young girl, implanting a fragment of her smyphogear in her. Years later, that same girl awakens the power to defend humanity.

While Symphogear is a little more twee because of all the singing, both of these shows are about fighting off enemies with powerful and unique weapons. Furthermore, they invite you to get to know a lot of characters.

For Fans of Girls Representing Things

The Magnificent Kotobuki

On the frontier where laws mean little and you need to depend on others to survive, the Kotobuki Squadron act as bodyguards for hire. The members, all skilled pilots, take to the skies to get things done.

I imagine that those who wanted to watch Sigrdrifa because it had actual planes were pretty disappointed. The Magnificent Kotobuki is an infinitely better choice for those who have an interest in planes as it doesn’t play so fast and loose with aeronautics.

girls und panzer

Girls Und Panzer

Senshadou is a sport that uses tanks in elimination-based matches. Played by girls and women, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. This is the story of Miho, a girl who comes from a long line of Senshadou specialists, but has stopped playing after a traumatic event. However, Miho is pushed into joining her school’s once-abolished Senshadou program.

While Sigrdrifa’s planes aren’t the best representation to the real models, Girls Und Panzer does a little better job with the tanks. It has cute girls and they operate tanks. It isn’t really about saving the world, but it does flesh out the machinery.

Kantai Collection

Under the threat from the Abyssal Fleet, Japan’s best defense is the Kanmusu. These girls harbor the spirits of Japanese warships. With special weaponized gear, they can harness these spirits in order to fight back.

In their own different ways, the girls in each show represent the characteristics of their piece of machinery. It basically combines two things that people love and is a great excuse to shove ten tons of cute girls at you.

Do you have any more anime recommendations like Warlords of Sigrdrifa? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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