On his way back from buying a new game, Kazuma Satou died a pathetic death. However, he awakens before the Goddess Aqua who gives him two choices: go to heaven or reincarnate into an actual fantasy world. Naturally, the gamer picks the fantasy world. Now Kazuma must deal with defeating an evil demon king, useless party members, and paying living expenses.

Although it only had a short 10-episode first season, KonoSuba, which everyone expected to fall flat, charmed audiences with its parodies and utterly timeless comedy. You need more nerd comedy in your life? Give these recommendations a try.

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For Fans of RPG Parodies

senyuu anime


It has been a thousand years since the demon lord was sealed away by the legendary hero Creasion. However, when the demons return, it is decided that the demon lord would soon return as well. Now it is up to the great hero’s descendants – all 75 of them – to seal him away again. Unfortunately, most of their skills are not what you would call top-notch.

Both KonoSuba and Senyuu were built on the premise of RPG heroes being chronically and comically bad at what they do. However, while Senyuu is longer, KonoSuba manages to better flesh out their series in just 10 episodes. However, you get the same setting, similar characters, and spot-on humor in both series.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash anime

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Thrown into a fantasy land with no memories of their previous life, the strong among this new group of people bind together while the weak are left to fend for themselves. Grimgar tells the tale of the struggles of the weak as they pick up combat skills and fight the creatures of the world in order to earn a living.

Grimgar is essentially KonoSuba if it took itself more seriously. While there are a few laughs in Grimgar to be had, for the most part it is more serious and dramatic, but both follow inept characters as they try to grow and get better.

never a girl online anime

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

After proposing to a girl in a video game, Rusian is not only rejected, but finds out that girl is really a man playing as a female avatar. Afterwards, he makes a sweeping declaration that he will never trust girls online again. However, years later a girl named Ako proposes to him. Although he thinks she might be a guy, he accepts. When Rusian meets this Ako and his other guild mates in real life, he fines them not only to be classmates of his, but cute girls.

Like more popular fantasy-set series, Netoge is about a gamer inside and outside of the game doing nerdy things. However, like KonoSuba, the main character is actually relatively good at the game while the female lead is less so. Both are pretty funny nerd comedy series that feature bright color palates and fun characters.

For Fans of Deity / Human Teams

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

In the fantasy city of Orario, there is a massive labyrinth underneath it. For brave adventurers, glory and fortune can be found within. However, in order to tackle the challenging monsters inside, adventurers join guilds of strong gods and goddesses. However, for newbie adventurer Bell Cranel, no good guild will have him, except for Hestia, a goddess with no followers. Together they team up to grow strong and find glory.

Instead of being transported to a fantasy setting, DanMachi just takes place in said world. While DanMachi is still somewhat comedy-driven, unlike KonoSuba, there are also elements of romance and the more serious side of an adventure series. However, what both series have in common is that the main characters are kind of hopelessly bad at adventuring.

gate anime


Japanese Self-Defense Force solider and otaku Youji Itami is in the Ginza district of Tokyo feeding his hobby one afternoon when a gate to another world opens and medieval soldiers flood modern day Japan. While Itami, in conjunction with the local police, manage to save many civilian lives, his hero status forces him to go beyond the gate with his fellow soldiers to explore a mysterious new world filled with swords, magic, elves, and dragons.

Like KonoSuba, Gate takes an otaku and puts them into another world. However, there are no mysterious circumstances on how they get there. Once in the fantasy world, both main characters attract a harem that includes a goddess and other unique ladies. However, Gate tends to take itself more seriously at times, but can get pretty wild like KonoSuba when it doesn’t get lost in military propaganda.

Love chunibyo and other delusions anime

Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Everyone has that stage in their life where they think themselves special, different from mere humans. In middle school, Yuuta Togashi thought himself the Dark Flame Master, but upon entering high school, he has grown out of it. Unfortunately, after a chance meeting with Rikka Takanashi, a girl believing to have a God in her eye, attaches herself to him and brings that Chunibyo past back out.

Obviously KonoSuba is like a fully realized Chunibyou. As Chunibyou takes place in the real world and only cuts out to fantasy scenes, you don’t get as many high octane fantasy parody battles, but the characters in Chunibyou would probably do well in KonoSuba.

For Fans of Nerd Comedy

outbreak company anime

Outbreak Company

With parents that write light novels and draw eroge, Kanou Shinichi was born to be an otaku. One day, he finds himself transported to a fantasy world full of elves and dragons. In this world he is given a quest, not to fight monsters, but to become a moe missionary to teach everyone on the finer points of being an otaku.

When you compare the two plots of the show, you can easily see that they are going to be similar. Both shows take the same tired clichés of the alternate fantasy realm genre and poke fun at them throughout the show. However, Outbreak Company can have more of an anime humor spin at times rather than gaming humor.

no game no life anime

No Game No Life

In the real world, siblings Shiro and Sora are NEET shut-ins. However, in the virtual world, they are the legendary gaming duo. One day, after a strange email, they find their reality taken away as they are transported to the realm of Tet, God of Games. Here, Shiro and Sora must play games to defeat the sixteen races of this world as well as Tet in order to become the new gods.

The biggest similarity between KonoSuba and No Game No Life is the main male leads. In both shows, the male lead is transported to a new world and since they were already good gamers to begin with, they adapt quickly. However, while KonoSuba is all about comedy, No Game No Life is often more dramatic.

bikini warriors anime

Bikini Warriors

In this world, four heroes are tasked with fighting the impending darkness. Unfortunately, while they look good in their revealing bikini armor, they are hopelessly inept, vain, and deeply outmatched by the dangers they are supposed to be fighting.

…Did you ever wish KonoSuba was sexier? I mean, it’s got a lot of sexual humor already, but Bikini Warriors takes that and runs with it. In both shows, all the characters are pretty inept at life, and both parody the RPG fantasy type of world.

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